When will Romain Gavras’ Punch film release?

When will Romain Gavras' Punch film release?

Francois R.

– Published on June 30, 2022 at 15:13

Four years after his PNL-based gangster film Le Monde est à toi, the director presents the teaser of his next feature film, Athéna, which will soon be released on Netflix.

Le Teaser d’AthenaNew movie Romain Gavres, is very small. Barely a minute. So a small impact object is essential. We see a young man, determined in one sequence shot, set a city esplanade on fire, rioting, finally reaching the height of a bridge. Beside him, a line of young men who were just as angry as he was. At their feet, flames shoot from a CRS truck. The sequence shot is smooth and slow and accompanied by epic classical music Princes of the cityThe rap group’s iconic song 113. As the hero advances, a quote from the Greek philosopher is displayed Sophocles :”When judgment comes, no man can free himself from misfortune.“Then comes the title of the feature film, Athenain capital letters, followed by this expression: “A tragedy by Romain Gavras”. The tone is set.

Romain Gavres returns after four years The world is yours. From JUL to PNL, by Michel Sardou and Daniel Balavoine, a raucous comedy about broken gangsters, set against the backdrop of popular French music. The joke is over. 2022 marks the return of the filmmaker AthenaSocial fire in the wake of riots in the suburbs, a legitimate heir grudge (1995) and a not so distant cousin Misery (2019). Also, Gavras collaborated on the screenplay with his friend, the director of the latter Lodge Li. AthenaMixed with its director’s passion, the tension separates with a teaser (Brilliant aesthetics, Controlled chaos, Suburban youth), will be released on the platform Netflix Inn September next We know very little about the film except that Gavres wanted to film it like a modern Greek tragedy set in a French city. An ambitious project.

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Romain Gavres, the world is his

Romain Gavres is hard to sum up in a few lines. Son of famous filmmaker CostagavrusThe director cut his teeth in his youth Kimchapiron etc Thaumani Sangare. Three, and Ladgley Form the super-collective, not far away Court time. And Crew Artists of all kinds: actors, graffiti artists, dancers, rappers, videographers… All united under the banner of hip-hop and the suburbs. Soon enough, Courtrajme caught sight Matthew KasowitzDirector of grudgeAnd Vincent Cassel. In the first half of the 2000s, Kortrajme reached its peak with several dozen. Short films, of Clips and others Crazy videos. Always keep their original DNA. In 2007, Romain Gavres caused controversy by putting the clip on the pictures pressure Electro Duo, justice. Violent and angry above all else Censored Television parts, at that time we could YouTube Barely non-existent, see Internet. In early 2010, he freed himself by producing his first film, Our day will come. and unique gait destroyInspired by French films of the 70s, two redheads decide to leave ordinary French society for what they see as their promised land, Ireland. Although the film did not go unnoticed, it did not convince upon its release. Some critics have slammed it. After ten years, Our day will come There is a small cult following among some moviegoers. His second film, The world is yours Thanks to Marc Kahn 2018 for a slightly more “public” opening. Meanwhile, Romain Gavres has imposed his signature on international music videos (Jay-Z, MIA, Jamie XX) and pays his bills with big publicity blows (Spot Dior Jador with Charlize Theron crosses a tub of liquid gold, which is him). Romain Gavres is a radical, perfectionist, ambitious and talented filmmaker. The world is his Athena Risk of shocking the public.

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