When the Tour de France leaves Brittany: 1985 Plumelec congratulates Bernard Hinolt. Sports

When the Tour de France leaves Brittany: 1985 Plumelec congratulates Bernard Hinolt.  Sports

72nd Tour de France Plumelec (2,500 inhabitants), part of a small town in Morbihan, was found on Friday, June 28, 1985, about 30 miles[30 km]from Venus. The first for Turin, but not the first event for Plumelek and its mighty Cada Dodel coast, where two French-seen championships are already taking place, with Bernard Tevenet in 1973 and Roland Berland in 1979.

Plummelek already hosted the tour, and in 1982, when it was necessary to organize a team time trial, the North canceled one of the planned five days ago at Orkney instead of the one planned, ‘Trade unionists in metallurgy canceled due to a performance! The organizers appreciated Bretton’s efficiency in setting up a Lorient-Plumelek stopwatch, and then left Plumelek for Nantes, so the courtesy would be returned to them three years later.

Naturally all eyes are on Bernard Hinolt, the “regional of the stage”, even if the “badger” is a Briton from the north. Riding his bike from his home in Kwosoi (80 km), Hinolt arrived at his team’s meeting point, Hotel El Argot de Lokmina. His season marked his third tour of Italy since 1980 and 1982.

In front of a crowd, Bernard Hinolt flew over the introduction to Plumeleck. © Archives

In Giro 84 he made a race masters with the support of American Greg Lemont, ahead of the Italian Francesco Moser, who played Fignon shamelessly. In Plummelek, Hinault is at home, with his parents, Joseph and Lucian. Binio called for this opportunity in the middle of the players. The winner of the Tour de France in 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1982, Hinolt aims to get 5 more passes and join Anquet and Merck in the prize list.

After the final victory on the roads of the Tour, almost three years ago, Bernard Hinault left the Rhino team led by Cyril Guimard, the biggest victory in seven years. But when he points out that the riders who abandoned it did not succeed (quote Jean-Rene Bernardo), he replies: “Okay! But his name wasn’t Bernard Hinault!” Pure badger without a doubt.

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Read. Since 1985, Bernard Hinault has been waiting for his successor, which takes a long time …

Without Laurent Fignon

If Laurent Fignon also attends the Plummelek meeting, he will only have to greet his regular teammates Mark Madiot and Charlie Mottat in his place as Renault team leaders. Because the Double Holder of the Tour de France will not appear on the starting line this year. Parisian has not yet recovered from ankle surgery in May. Suddenly, we find out who Bernard Hinolt’s main rival is. Not Greg Lemont, who was third in 1984, but now he is on his team.

So we turn to the Irishman Stephen Roche instead, and the La Redout team, led by Rafael Geminiani, a former adviser to Jacques Anquetil, threatens to disappear at the end of the season. We think of Phil Anderson, the Australian who teased Badger in 1981 and then joined the mighty Dutch team Panasonic. With the support of Dutch climbers Peter Winnon and Steven Rooks, Anderson won the DuPont and then the Tour de Suez.

We also mention the Franco-Scottish couple Pascal Simon and Robert Miller (Puget). There are two Spaniards discovered in 1983: Pedro Delgado (seat), winner of the May tour of Spain, and Angel Arroyo (Sor). Another Irishman, Sean Kelly (skill), four-time Paris-Nice champion since 1982, went from sprinter to all-terrain rider. Bernard Hinolt’s former rivals: Dutch Jup Sudemelk (quantum), Benignian Claudi Crickvillian (Hitachi), Lucian van Impe (Santini) …

For the Italians, only Roberto Vicentini (Carrera), who wore a pink jersey for a few days in Zero, took the risk on the tour this year, with two Swiss climbers, Beat Brew and Stefan Matter, becoming lieutenants. Finally, there are Colombians who have been touring since 1983 and 1984, and are now experiencing the dynamics of the big loop. Louise Herrera, last year’s winner of the Alp de Hughes, led the way around other good climbers such as Wilches, Montoya, Para and Azevedo.

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Hinault also considered them, but did not panic: “To win the tour, you have to excel in three categories: sprint, time trial and mountains. Who else but me, Lemont, Anderson? that’s all, A few days before leaving, he was allowed to go calmly. Who can run faster than Moser? (New hour record holder from last year) Did I hit the clock in Zero twice? Nobody ഞാൻ I’m more efficient than last year, and so is my team: Locomotive works best when it works best! Also, Greg Lemont is with me. He knows I’m going to ride for him next year, so ” Last year, Badger had an affair with Figueroa-Lemont, the leader of a strong Renault team, but this time he has no doubt. He is ready to regain his number one position.

The first knockout in the cadaver

On the Plumelek circuit, Hinolt intends to strike with an introduction against the clock to show “who’s boss”. On May 16 in Verona, he finished fifth in Giro’s introduction, but he’s still in his favorite workout. In front of a large crowd, estimated at 60,000 people, his possessions of more than 6,800 meters are divided into three parts: a descent, a long false flat, and, to finish, 800 meters of steep hell from Kadoudal Hill.

The playing frame, the lenticular rear wheel, the helmet on the head, and Hinolt, the last contestant to leave, knew he had to do better than the Belgian Eric Vanderdനn, who was ten seconds ahead of the victorious Stephen Roche at 4:59 പിന്നീട് 8.500 km / h. Hinolt won first place for him. He will have to wait for the arrival of Pascal Poison, the last rider to complete the course: not surprisingly, the Renault team’s brave Concarnois finished 10th, behind a 27 ” yellow badge. To his greatest delight. There is no doubt that the badger has returned to its territory.

Photo from the podium at Plumeleck, stage winner and yellow jersey, Bernard Hinault.  © Western France Archives

On stage at Plummeleck, stage winner and yellow jersey Bernard Hinault. © Archives West France

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Hinalt Roche 14 ”, Anderson 19 ”, Lemont 21- ”, Simon 27- ”, Southemelk 30 ”, Miller 31 ”, Herrera 32 ”, Madiat 39 ‘, Del Dugodo 41’ ‘, Vicentini 44’ ‘, Mottet, Kelly 45 ”, Van Impe 54 ” Kuiper 1’01 ”, Arroyo 1’16 ” … Phones de Wolf,… 6’23 ”! The former Belgian hopeful started five minutes late due to a change of bike that was badly discussed. So it is declared obsolete and deleted!

No one pays attention to the performance of a young Spaniard on the Reynolds team, 21st, 99th-ranked Miguel Indurain, 1 ’01… All eyes are on the shining Bernard Hinold. Since 1979 he has always had an introduction to the tour. Unlike the success he had in this particular exercise in 1984, he seems to be moving towards his goal of being his fifth success this time around.

If Hinolt leaves his yellow jersey on Vanderdeard and the next day on Danish teammate Kim Anderson, he will take it back after another trial, this time in Strasbourg (75 km) before ending the race on the first mountain on July 9, where he allowed Luis Herrera to win. Despite a slump in the arrival of St. Etienne, and the Pyrenees making it difficult to pass, Hinolt will certainly be the yellow jersey of Paris, ahead of Lemont and Roche, thus equating Britanni to the authors of the fifth victory before him, Anquitell and Merck. …

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