‘When the number is complete, we believe we will be winners’

'When the number is complete, we believe we will be winners'

Democrat Joe Biden has said he is confident of winning the US presidency once all the votes are counted.

“When the count is complete, we believe we will be victorious,” Biden said in a televised address from his hometown of Delaware, opposing President Donald Trump’s campaign to “count all the votes.” The court was asked to suspend the list of votes in Michigan.

“After a long night of voting, it is clear that we are winning in the states that need to reach 270 electoral votes to win the presidency,” he said.

Biden won a crucial battlefield in Michigan, US networks predict tonight, meaning the former vice president could have overtaken another state that President Donald Trump won in 2016.

CNN and NBC News predicted that Biden would win in Midwestern State, unexpectedly falling below half a percent for Trump in 2016.

The AP has not yet called the state for biden.

Speaking from the Wilmington Chase Center, the Democratic nominee said more Americans voted than ever before, despite the epidemic.

“Of course, Senator Harris and I have more than 70 million in votes in an attempt to get more votes on any ticket in the history of this country,” he said.

“I am very proud of our campaign. Only the last three presidential campaigns have defeated the current president. When it is done, God is ready, and we will be the fourth. This is a great achievement, ”he said.

This is a very long and difficult campaign, but it is a more difficult time for our country – a difficult time. We have had tough campaigns before and we have had tough times before. ”

Biden urged voters to put aside political differences after the election.

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“So if this election is final and works behind us, it’s time to do what we, as Americans, have always done. The harsh rhetoric of the campaign lowered the temperature behind us, to see each other again, to listen to each other and to hear each other again.

To respect and care for each other. To unite. To heal. To unite as one nation. I am not innocent; None of us. I know how deep the opposition is in our country in many ways. ”

“In order to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as enemies. We are not enemies. What unites us as Americans is stronger than anything that brings us to tears.

“So let me be clear – we are campaigning as Democrats, but I will rule as an American president.

The President is not a partisan institution.

“This is an office that represents everyone in this country, and it demands a duty to care for all Americans, and that is what I do. I will work as hard for those who do not vote for me as for those who do not vote for me.

“No one is going to take our democracy away from us, not now, but forever. America has come a long way, America has fought so many wars and it has endured so much to prevent it from happening.

“We, the people, will not remain silent or intimidate, and we will not surrender.

“I am sure we will emerge victorious. This will not only be my victory or our victory, but the victory of the American people, our democracy and America. When we succeed there will be no red states or blue states; United States only. ”

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He concluded by saying, “God bless you all and may God protect our army.”

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Trump’s campaign team had earlier announced that it would seek re-election in Wisconsin after Biden won by 20,000 votes on the main battlefield.

“There have been reports of irregularities in many Wisconsin counties, which raises serious doubts about the validity of the results,” campaign manager Bill Stephen said in a statement.

Stephen did not provide any information about the reports he was referring to, and there appears to be no evidence to support the claims.

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