When Pennis Ireland could reopen after the latest government update

When Pennis Ireland could reopen after the latest government update

Second Lockdown Down For the second time this year we were forced to close our favorite stores, including Pennies.

So far, the popular retailer has resisted requests from customers who offer online shopping, so the news that it will not be long before it can open again is extremely welcome to many.

Junior Enterprise Minister Damien English confirmed this week that the government plans to reopen next week.

He confirmed that retailers are continuing to reopen the Level 5 lockdown, which ends on December 1, under current plans.

The minister told RTE Radio 1 News on Wednesday: “That is our whole purpose and that is what we have been working on these weeks.

The government plans in all our departments, including the local authorities who manage the public space.

“We fully appreciate the increase in demand. So we’re trying to do that in December. ”

He continued: “We have always said when allocating figures, it is appropriate, we will reopen.

“That’s the first week of December, and that’s what we’re aiming for, but in a safe way.”

Also, Penny can be opened up to 24 hours after the lockdown is over.

Chief executive George Weston said more trading hours would allow retailers to recoup lost profits – especially after being forced to close their doors for six weeks in Ireland.

Extended opening hours will allow more staff and customer security in the store.

Chief Executive George Weston said Telegraph : “If we can do business 24 hours a day in some stores, we can easily separate people from each other.

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We can keep stores safe if we know that “a store does not have to be crowded in six hours if everyone knows that there are plenty of trading hours”.

Weston said the move would be a big step forward for the brand and would allow them to sell their Christmas stock in advance. Christmas Day on December 25th.

He added that this would alleviate the panic among consumers who are unable to complete Christmas shopping.

The Penny Bose said: “It gives confidence that consumers will have time to do Christmas shopping on High Street between December 2 and 24.

“This will allow my business to sell a lot of Christmas stock.

“I think it would be a big step to allow High Street to extend its working hours.”

Earlier this month, the company shattered the hopes of shoppers who refused to open an online store during the lockdown.

A penny spokesman said Irish Mirror : “We look at alternative business models from time to time, but there are no immediate plans to trade online.

“We will definitely be showcasing our products on social media and on our website. Our social media channels have over 22 million followers.”

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