When Ed Sheeran was involved in rugby

When Ed Sheeran was involved in rugby

A $ AP Influential man apologizes for spreading false rumors about Rocky’s infidelity.

Last weekend, Luis Pisano claimed that rapper Rihanna cheated on him with Barbadian singer’s friend and shoe designer Amina Muddi.

However, this misinformation was quickly denied by a relative of the American rapper, and Louise quickly went to social networks and apologized to the couple.

He wrote on Twitter: “Hi everyone, I would like to discuss the situation. I made a stupid decision last night to share some information I did not receive. I’m not going to talk about sources or discussions, because in the end I wrote a tweet before posting my name. ⁇

He added, “So, I would like to formally apologize to everyone I have included for my actions and thoughtless tweets. I acknowledge all the consequences of my actions. ⁇

The Barbadian actress is currently pregnant with her boyfriend, and the pair were seen celebrating the holidays in Barbados.

For her part, the shoe designer, another unruly character in the story, has expressed herself on social networks.

She wrote: “I have always believed that a baseless lie spread on social media deserves no response or clarity, especially if it is derogatory. At first I thought that such false gossip – fabricated with such malicious intent – would not be taken seriously. ⁇

She added: “However, in the last 24 hours I have been reminded that we live in a society where people talk too fast about issues, regardless of the facts, and nothing is unlimited. ⁇

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