When does winter end and spring arrives?

When does winter end and spring arrives?

Written by Cyril BonfoyClimate observer

This week marks more often than the normal temperature of the season, with snow falling to very low altitudes or even temporarily in the plains. This weekend will see a generalization of the country’s cold, due to the northerly winds despite the sun, and the feeling will often be winter in the afternoon. When can we expect a return to seasonal standards and more spring-like conditions? Here are some answers.

This week’s high pressure is not far enough to really protect us near the Atlantic. This weekend the current will shift to the northeast, so the air mass will dry up but the sky will clear so the snow will normalize. (See our article).

High pressure shifts to Central Europe early next week

Monday will be an intermediate day as the highs begin to approach France as the north-northeast flow weakens. The cold will still be regular in the morning, but will begin to rise to a maximum in the afternoon, and the afternoon will be mostly seasonal thanks to the weak winds. The high pressure on Tuesday will be located directly in the northern part of the country, so the wind will be very weak and favorable for the morning gray. So during the day the sun stays and the temperature rises to normal. Finally, from Wednesday, high pressure will move slightly further into Central Europe, favoring the establishment of southern flows.

Spring Return Wednesday: Southwest to 20 C.

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We are still expecting some light snow in the morning, especially from the northeast to the mid-east. During the day, the temperature rises rapidly when the stream slopes south and receives good sunlight. For example, we expect 13 ° C in Lille, 16 C in Paris and 19 C in Biarritz. Heights will rise again to 2 to 3 വീണ്ടും C above normal.

Will this spring weather last?

This dry weather does not seem to last from next weekend or more unstable and unseasonable weather should return from the west over the weekend. However, we must remain soft with values ​​close to the seasonal values, as the models for late March and early April have not yet anticipated a cold snap. So we can confirm the arrival of spring and gentleness next week.

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