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All versions developed by WhatsApp are: mobile application; WhatsApp Business (targeted at entrepreneurs); WhatsApp Desktop (program suitable for computers); Y WhatsApp Web, a separate page for browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc., in this latest version you can already change the language of the entire platform, want to know how to do it? This is something Depor will soon explain to you. Note taken.

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Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that WhatsApp Web does not have a direct tool to change the language of the above version, however, if you want to do so, you need to follow a simple process through your registered WhatsApp account. Your cell phone.

They offer you more than 50 languages, among the most commercial languages ​​you can choose from English, French, German, Portuguese, etc., there are also less common ones like Hungarian, Lithuanian, Malay, and other alternatives.

Guide to Change Language of WhatsApp Web

To perform this trick, you don’t need to download third-party programs or extensions that compromise the privacy of your account information, and it’s essential to have your mobile device handy.

  • First, go WhatsApp Web Click on Next .
  • Now, with your iOS or Android cell phone, scan the QR code that appears in the version for browsers, this way you can link your account. WhatsApp > Open the three dots icon (top right) > “Paired devices” > “Link a device”.
  • Click on the three dots icon again.
  • The next step is to scroll down and tap on the section that says “Application Language”.
  • Choose the language of your preference, you have more than 50 options.
  • Go back to WhatsApp Web and refresh the page.
  • This will automatically change the language of the above messaging platform.
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How to know which is your most used WhatsApp emoji in 2022?

Are you one of those who like to use WhatsApp? One thing about the application is that you can send all kinds of multimedia files with it, although there are also interesting emoticons. Want to know which one you used the most in 2022?

  • The first thing you need to do is enter WhatsApp.
  • Then you have to click on the search bar.
  • Instead of writing a word there you should enable the emoji bar.
  • At that moment, place the emojis one by one.
  • All messages shared with you by that smiley will be opened
  • There’s even an accurate counter that tells you how many messages you’ve shared with that unique emoji.
  • If the conversation is long, it will be the most used emoji on WhatsApp.
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