WhatsApp Web gets the most needed change from most users | The world

WhatsApp Web gets the most needed change from most users |  The world

The WhatsApp platform owned by Facebook is basically a mobile-based application, but here is a web version and a computer application to make life easier for anyone who wants to continue chatting while using a desktop or laptop computer.

The platform for the computer app has allowed the ability to sync conversations from the mobile app since 2015, although these versions of WhatsApp are easy to use but suffer from great restrictions.

Now to use the WhatsApp web platform or app via a computer, you still need to have your mobile phone with you.

It seems like days have passed since your phone’s camera scanned a QR code to log in to WhatsApp, if the news about its beta tests is true.

It now seems that WhatsApp is paying attention and testing an online application that does not require a phone.

The need to have your mobile phone with you is an important requirement for providing a WhatsApp web or computer application, and this is something that users have long wanted to change.

trial version

For participants in the latest version of the WhatsApp web beta platform, the following note is included: “You do not need to have your phone connected to use the WhatsApp web and desktop application.”

The trial version also indicates that up to 4 devices can be used simultaneously.

There are several reasons not to carry your mobile phone while sitting in front of the computer, which will prevent you from using the non-portable version of the service.

If beta features access to the official version of the version of WhatsApp Web and the service application for the computer, it will make life easier for many people.

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This means that if you are away from your phone, want to use the WhatsApp web, or lose your mobile phone, or repair your smartphone, we hope the platform can fulfill your wishes soon.

It is noteworthy that the rival Telegram platform has provided such a feature for a long time, and over the past few months many users of the service owned by Facebook have opted to switch to Telegram due to issues with updating their privacy policy.

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