WhatsApp users should be aware: Malware spreads bad malware messages – this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users should be aware: Malware spreads bad malware messages - this is how you protect yourself

WhatsApp users are once again the target of scammers. With a new scam, they want to bring online all the messenger users who have long wanted to get a new look for WhatsApp online. This is because the “WhatsApp Blue” app will ensure that Messenger glows blue. But once the application was installed, the damage occurred.

As users In Reddit The report and links are mainly sent to the users through WhatsApp itself. The new design is then advertised in them. If a user installs by clicking on the link “blue.whatsapp.top” APK file Behind it, the malware lands on the smartphone. In most cases, fraudsters encrypt data such as photos or videos and demand ransom from WhatsApp users for activation.

The account is also at risk. This is because links to the malware are sent to other users via your WhatsApp.

Tactical: This is how WhatsApp appears in pink on your mobile phone

WhatsApp scam: How to protect yourself from corruption

A dangerous malware message is now circulating on WhatsApp again.


The first step of protection is also the most important: never click on suspicious links on WhatsApp. Even if these are from friends. Malicious programs often hide themselves, and broadcasters do not pay attention to malicious messages. If in doubt, ask your contact if the link is genuine and what is hidden behind it.

If you still have doubts, a quick Google search for the content offered behind the link is often enough to expose scammers.

If your smartphone is already damaged and you have WhatsApp Pink installed, delete the app immediately. Then disconnect your device From all WhatsApp web connections, For example on your PC. Then clear the cache Read your smartphone browser Show app access rights in the menu. If you see weird apps here or find WhatsApp Pink, block access.

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