WhatsApp users find amazing and useful feature in latest update – Turkey Urgent

WhatsApp users find amazing and useful feature in latest update - Turkey Urgent

Meta, the owner of the WhatsApp app, has made a new update that includes a new feature, and the new feature has made a big resonance on social networks.

Users of the app found a very interesting and useful feature in the latest update of the app recently released by Meta Company.

What’s new feature

The new feature is the ability to play audio files and audio recordings sent through the WhatsApp application while browsing the phone.

Previously, WhatsApp users were asked to stay in the conversation without leaving, so the recording would not stop when they heard it through the app.

However, during the new feature, it was possible to exit the conversation and browse other conversations without stopping the audio recording.

The new feature allows users to browse and listen at the same time, making it easier for users to do many things, including listening to one person and talking to another at the same time.

The text messaging app adds a number of new features that are scheduled to run on all phones, whether Android or Apple, and the company is testing these features before they are officially launched.

Where the app is always trying to update its services to suit the speed and life of the users.

The app also aims to add many features from other apps such as “Facebook” and “Instagram” because it allows users to interact with other people’s messages with as many “emoji” icons as possible.

In Messenger and Instagram conversations, the user clicks on the message he wants to reply to and then gives the appropriate wording for the group members to see.

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