WhatsApp: Pause for voice messages and company.

WhatsApp: Pause for voice messages and company.


January 02, 2022 – 12:04 pm Clock

Always new WhatsApp features for the benefit of user friendliness

WhatsApp continues to surprise its users with new functions – even in the new year. In 2022, the messaging service will introduce a number of features that make chatting more convenient, whether it be for voice messages or quick replies! We show all the innovations at a glance.

Response responses

Instagram already has this function in stories, posts and Facebook, and in the new year it is coming to WhatsApp: users will be able to respond to personal messages and save their own typed answers. The user can choose from six different responses: thumbs up, heart, amazement, surprise, thank you, sadness. The feature should be available in group chats and individual chats.

Multiple device support

For example, anyone currently using the desktop version of WhatsApp should make sure that their smartphone is connected to the Internet. In 2022 it will no longer be necessary. In the New Year, the Messenger service enables users to use WhatsApp on up to five devices at once. The main device does not need to be connected to the Internet and messages will appear live on all devices.

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Pause button for voice messages

Everyone has probably already experienced the situation: you are recording a voice message, you lose the thread in the middle of the story and need some time to think. In the new year, users will be able to pause the recording of one voice message so that it does not emit voice messages in the event of future events or the need to record multiple voice messages one after the other. Recording interrupted, then resume.

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Undo status messages

Anyone who has previously posted something on their WhatsApp status and decides to delete the status message due to a typo or an embarrassing photo will have to delete it at great expense. It will be different in the future: it should be easier to undo status reports by activating the new “Undo” button in the new year. No need to open the Status tab to delete posts.Here’s what the so-called “panic button” looks like.

“Last seen” extension

For people who can see the “Last Online” status, you can currently choose between three options: “All”, “My Contacts”, and “None”. In the future, users will be able to determine in more detail who can see the status. According to WABetaInfo, the fourth option, “Except my contacts …” should be available in the new year, so the status of some contacts can not be viewed. (If)

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