WhatsApp notifies its users again of acceptance or ban

WhatsApp notifies its users again of acceptance or ban

The popular app “WhatsApp”, which was announced earlier this year after announcing the launch of new privacy updates that have caused widespread outrage among millions of users around the world, is forcing these huge reactions to extend the grace period for the approval of new updates. This update assures users that it does not infringe on their privacy, but the controversy returned to the arena after the app re-informed its users of the time limit for implementing new updates.

Deadline for receiving new updates – WhatsApp 2021

It has the most dangerous application WhatsApp Through text messages, millions of users around the world are reminded of the time limit for implementing new privacy-related updates announced last January, and the app warns users if they do not agree to these new terms. Conditions prior to this date ending May 15 will also prevent him from receiving or sending messages from the current year.

WhatsApp said in its message that we will attach you at the bottom of this report: “Please accept these updates so that you can continue to use the app.” Users were reassured: “As a reminder, we are now developing new ways of chatting or shopping with companies using WhatsApp, these data shares are completely optional, and private messages are completely encrypted from one end to the other so that no one can read or listen to them for weeks. , We’ll show you a message on WhatsApp that gives a lot of information that people can see at their speed We have included more important information to try to address all the concerns we hear. ”

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Acceptance or ban WhatsApp notifies its users again Check the latest details 1

It should also be noted that these new updates are not guaranteed to all EU countries, WhatsApp followed: EU Domestic Laws do not allow the app to modify such privacy African countries By completely and partially rejecting these amendments.

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