WhatsApp is useful without yes – economy

WhatsApp is useful without yes - economy

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For the time being, there will be no consequence for WhatsApp users not accepting the new data protection terms of the chat service. A spokesman for the Facebook company told technology blogs The Next Web and The Verge that they have no plans to restrict their activities at this time. WhatsApp wants to clarify this after consulting with authorities and experts. Instead, these users will be reminded of the “from time to time” update.

Two weeks ago, WhatsApp enacted new data protection rules. Users who did not approve the update were warned that important functions would be gradually lost after a few weeks with warnings. “There are currently no plans to perpetuate these reminders or limit the app’s functionality,” it says in WhatsApp’s questions and answers about the new terms. “Due to the May 15 update, no accounts will be deleted or WhatsApp will be restricted.”

WhatsApp has always said that the update does not include additional data transfer to Facebook. The changes are mainly to create better ways to communicate with companies. End-to-end encryption so that participating users can view chat content only in clear text will not be compromised.

Hamburg data protection lawyer Johannes Caspar took any action and, as a precautionary measure, issued an order in mid-May banning Facebook from processing WhatsApp data from German users. It is valid for three months as the Irish Data Protection Authority is responsible for Facebook in Europe.

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