WhatsApp is backtracking and replacing its new Terms of Use

A few things can change the attitude of many users in the app, such as a misinterpretation that goes viral. This is what happened to WhatsApp a week ago Its terms of use have been updated.

It should be noted that this change will not affect users in Spain or the European Union, but this does not mean that there are many people who have chosen to install alternatives inside and outside the old continent.

Signs and telegrams are lucky

The two messaging apps that took advantage of this mess are Signal, in particular Comment by Elon Musk, With telegram Gained 25 million users In a few days.

Fewer pictures than the capture posted by the Spanish developer on Twitter illustrate this trend Carlos Phenolosa:

Of course, such an avalanche of new users for these companies and the misconception of WhatsApp users that they are starting to read their conversations from now on has had a huge impact.

WhatsApp is recovering due to fake news and misconceptions

That’s it for WhatsApp itself Announced What’s going on Delay the entry into force of the new Terms of Use until 15 May 2021, To deal with this misinformation.

The problem is that few people trust the company as the introduction of these new features is postponed for a while, which, incidentally, helps to give its advertisers a better experience. They said.

However, all this news has done is to make apps think about whether or not it matters whether they can access a lot of data on their device. This graphic illustrates this well:

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As you can see, none of the apps use the microphone to spy on us and read our messages, but there is a difference between signaling or telegraming and doing what Facebook apps do.

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