WhatsApp introduces some new options: Here’s how to try them out first

WhatsApp introduces some new options: Here's how to try them out first

Some time ago WhatsApp introduced its desktop application, and now a beta program has been officially launched, which allows you to first try out all the new things that need to be part of the new ecosystem.

Before any application’s new functions can be implemented, they must go through a general beta phase, which means that the development team must receive good and bad feedback from users.

General beta testing phase

WhatsApp has opened its general beta phase for desktop users, and this is the first opportunity to try to make changes to the new functionality with your feedback. Beta steps for mobile applications already exist on Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

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As a reminder, WhatsApp Desktop allows you to connect any computer to your WhatsApp mobile account and exchange messages and multimedia files over your computer instead of constantly looking at your phone’s location. The app gained its popularity with the constant improvement of encryption, so recently, in addition to regular users, it has become the first choice of criminals around the world.

By signing up for the beta program, you will have the opportunity to participate in the testing process and practically decide whether a feature will come to life. Before implementing the newspaper in the desktop application, you will also have the opportunity to report all bugs and malfunctions.

Desktop for Windows and Mac

Desktop versions for Windows and MacOS will be in beta cover, so you can download the Windows version and MacOS here if you enjoy it. By installing the beta version of the desktop app, you’re officially a beta tester, and you’ll get all the updates automatically without the need to add anything manually.

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Initially, WhatsApp is testing new features related to recording voice messages and listening to them before sending, which is already in the advanced development of mobile versions.

A little advice from us, beta testing involves many bugs and things that usually do not work, so it’s not wise to install a beta version on the computer you use every day to communicate.

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