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WhatsApp |  How to know if someone else is seeing your chats |  Conversations |  Smartphones |  Android |  Walkway |  nda |  nnni |  Sports-play

It continues to make major changes to its application on Android phones and iPhones. In addition to creating fun stickers from the web platform, you can now respond to messages with any emoji from your gallery.

However, sometimes we notice something strange happening on our mobiles, some conversations are open without us, they even post statuses without our approval. Do you know if someone else is watching your chats? ? Follow this trick.

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How to know if someone is viewing my WhatsApp?

  • What you need to know is that WhatsApp can be opened on up to 4 different devices.
  • To do this, it is necessary to scan the QR code to access the conversations.
  • Often we forget to close the chats on the work computer or laptop.
  • As a result, anyone can not only see your conversations, but also perform unwanted actions on WhatsApp.
In this way you can close all your open WhatsApp accounts. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • To do this, go to WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top corner.
  • Now go to “Linked Devices”.
  • At that moment you will see all the terminals and PCs where you have opened your WhatsApp.
  • If you do not remember them, it is better to delete them all, so that your chats are closed from all sides.
  • That way your WhatsApp will be more protected.

How to save data on WhatsApp when I make a call or video call

  • The first thing to do is log in to WhatsApp.
  • From there go to Application Settings.
  • Now press where it says Storage and data.
  • In the network section you will see a tab that says “Use less data for calls”.
  • When you activate it you can make the calls you want.
  • If you have the minimum, this will prevent you from draining your Mega Pack too quickly.
  • You should not make calls or video calls on WhatsApp but using traditional communication is the most recommended thing.

Why does “@” and a green dot appear on WhatsApp?

  • Often it appears not only in WhatsApp groups but also in individual chats.
  • It means someone has tagged you for a quick reply.
  • The good thing is, when they put “@” before your name, the notification will sound.
  • That way you’ll know that they’ve written to you directly or that they need to ask you a question.
  • The green dot indicates how many times you’ve been tagged.
  • That means if 1 or 2 appears, your name has been tagged multiple times in a WhatsApp conversation.

How to Limit the Time You Use an App on iPhone

  • The first thing you need to do is login Settings from you Smartphone.
  • Among the variety of options, you have to choose Screen time.
  • Now, select the alternative Limits on apps.
  • Once done, press Add limit.
  • Within seconds, tap on the apps you want to enable this option.

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