WhatsApp | Guide to enable secret emoji that app hides in “View at once” function | Technology | Operating System | Android | iOS | Strategy | nda | nnni | Sports-play

WhatsApp |  Guide to enable secret emoji that app hides in "View at once" function |  Technology |  Operating System |  Android |  iOS |  Strategy |  nda |  nnni |  Sports-play

This is already very common in personal or group conversations Using the “View Once” function, what does it mean? It’s a tool that’s been around on the aforementioned messaging platform for over a year, created to let users send pictures or videos that will self-destruct when the recipient is done viewing them. When contacts stop viewing the file using the “View Once” option, a message or record that says “Open” will appear in the chat, did you know that it hides a secret emoji? We at Depor will teach you how to enable it. Note taken.

If you click on the “Open” record, nothing will happen, because the “View once” function, as its name suggests, does not allow you to view the file again, the goal is to protect the privacy of that person. Sharing that file image or video, initially it was criticized because you can take screenshots It works and will block it soon.

Know the secret emoji that WhatsApp hides in the “View Only Once” function

  • You already know what happens when you open a file with the “View Only Once” option, the record stays “open”, it doesn’t get deleted, it has another function.
  • First, make sure that WhatsApp There are no pending updates on Android’s Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Now, open the Meta app and go to any conversation where you opened the “one time view” message.
  • Of course, the registry will remain “open”.
  • Finally, tap on the secret emoji several times until it becomes active.
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It’s about the “silent face” or “small face asking for silence” emoticon, not sure why WhatsApp Added this “Easter Egg” or “Easter Egg”, many believe that the app is telling you to keep quiet and not share it with anyone as it is a private ceremony.

Why Using Unofficial Versions of WhatsApp Is Dangerous

  • Unofficial versions are not apps that you can download from Google Play or the App Store, but APKs that you download through a website and manually run on your phone. The first danger is that you install a program that includes some sort of “malware” or “joker” virus.
  • The viruses we just mentioned are capable of stealing your personal information and bank details, the same viruses that fall into the hands of cybercriminals who are in charge of extracting all the money you have stored in your account.
  • WhatsApp Backups don’t include end-to-end encryption, so only you and the person you’re chatting with can read, see, or hear everything you send. Simply put, your conversations are not private.
  • If the official WhatsApp finds that you are using other versions instead of the original, they will go ahead and block your account temporarily or permanently as mentioned in its terms and conditions.
  • Finally, if you decide to open your account on another cell phone, you won’t be able to recover your conversations because most of them don’t have a “backup”.
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