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Do you want to surprise all your contacts with a powerful sentence in Info of ? There are a lot of people who change the text “Available” on WhatsApp every week for a beautiful message. Do you want to be creative?

The verses we quote are shared on the web . Each of them can be decorated with all kinds of emojis, the same emojis found on the keyboard .

View: WhatsApp: What does the “i” icon next to the dialogs mean?

The best quotes for whatsapp info

  • Your name may not be Alicia, but you are amazing
  • It is better to never be late, because I sleep in the morning
  • I’m not lazy, I’m in power saving mode
  • The bad thing is not to live in the clouds, but to go down
  • The important thing is not to succeed, but to defeat others.
  • Smile, this is a free treatment
To change WhatsApp information you need to enter the profile picture and edit it. (Photo: MAG)
  • True happiness costs less; If it’s expensive, it’s not good quality
  • Time is eternal, life is fleeting
  • Forgetfulness heals where nostalgia hurts
  • Why become normal? It’s very boring
  • Laugh well, it’s the most serious
  • If a memory hurts, forgetfulness heals you

What does the letter “i” mean in WhatsApp?

  • If your friend has activated temporary messages that disappear within 24 hours, the text “i” may indicate that the text will be destroyed within a specified time.
  • Not to be surprised, WhatsApp has decided to notify you to alert you. You can deactivate temporary messages or change the time they disappear whenever you want.
  • The letter “i” will also be displayed if you have activated temporary messages on WhatsApp, but your friend will not have it as they are using an older version of the app.
  • To do this, they need to be told to update WhatsApp on their Android or iPhone device so that they both use the same function.
  • Keep in mind that you can update WhatsApp from the same Google Play Store or iOS Store.
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