“WhatsApp” answers the most important questions that concern users

"WhatsApp" answers the most important questions that concern users

The new announcement caused a change Privacy Policy Users have many questions about how to use it “واتسابFor their data and systems that allow businesses to take advantage of that information, especially when it comes to sharing data with Facebook.

Private messages and calls

He is also in a post on WhatsAppFacebook“, They can not read user messages or view the contents of calls made through the app.”

WhatsApp also points out that the app’s messages are encrypted in a “two-party” manner, meaning that a message is encrypted by its original sender and encrypted only by the intended end recipient.

Keep the document

“WhatsApp” confirms that it does not keep records of users who send messages or use the app’s communication feature, and its post considers that storing such data represents an “accident” Privacy Wallman “.

Website monitoring

“WhatsApp” refuses to share users’ sites with “Facebook”, stressing that this feature is also subject to encryption, meaning that no one can know the user’s location except those who share this information.


When a user authorizes WhatsApp to share saved contacts in the communication log, they will not share them with Facebook because the Authority aims to make correspondence faster and more reliable.

Privacy of groups

The “WhatsApp” group membership is used to accurately deliver messages and protect the service from spam and annoying ads, and the app confirms that this data is not shared with “Facebook” for advertising purposes.

Download data

WhatsApp users can download the data and information they own Application For account.

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