Whatsapp: A new fraud in WhatsApp.. Accounts are empty!

Whatsapp: వాట్సప్‌లో కొత్త తరహా మోసం.. ఖాళీ అవుతున్న ఖాతాలు!

QCyber ​​money scams are on the rise all over the world. Innocent people are being robbed and bank accounts are being looted in new ways. ATM Card Fraud, UPI Fraud or SIM Swap Frauds are known to everyone. But a new scam has come to light in Australia that has shocked everyone. WhatsApp is targeting users and scamming them into believing they are family members. They are asking for money saying that they have lost their phone and are in an emergency. Such scams are common in Australia. These are called ‘HI mum’ or ‘family member impersonation’ scams.

Targeting WhatsApp users. Text messaging and bullying. Contact family members through a different phone number, such as close friends or family members. They say that they have lost their phone and that is why they are sending messages from someone else’s number. If the victim believes that they are trusted, they are asked to send money. Many people in Australia have fallen victim to this new scam. According to reports, the loss was around $7 million (approximately Rs. 57.84 crore).

The phone is thought to be lost or damaged. That is why we are doing it from the new number, he said. They believe that the bill should be paid immediately. According to reports, personal information is also being sought. So they also use credit or debit cards. A report by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) says that ‘Hi Mum’ cases are on the rise. So far 1,150 people have become victims. It is revealed that most of the victims are above 50 years of age.

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Stay safe like this..

Do not share OTP with anyone.

Debit or credit card PIN and CVV number can be shared with anyone. Be careful even if it’s your family members.

Do not click on links from unknown numbers.

Be alert for suspicious messages and logins.

Buy only on verified sites.

Do not give personal information to phone calls from strangers.

Updated Date – 2022-12-18T17:43:13+05:30 IST

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