What’s next for the EU? The “Conference on the Future of Europe” is over

What's next for the EU?  The "Conference on the Future of Europe" is over

How should things continue in Europe? For one year, European and national politicians and citizens gathered, exchanged ideas and developed ideas about the future of the European Union. Because of this “Conference on the Future of Europe“, Will end this weekend. The event will cover topics such as climate, digitality and the economy.

“I was part of a working group to strengthen the economy, social justice and jobs,” said Cockpar Parole, a young partner from Poland. “I campaigned to bring a young perspective on important issues like home or first job as a student.”

Attaches great expectations to the participation of citizens: “We have made important suggestions on education, recognition of qualifications and socially acceptable standards of education,” says Iofo O’Leary, a young partner from Ireland. “I think it can have a huge impact. We told ourselves that democracy in Europe would change later. We will have not only a representative democracy, but also citizens.”

Asked that the consensus be revoked

Belgian Liberal MEP Guy Verhofstad was one of the leaders of the Executive Committee of the Conference. He also called for reforms: “One of the most important proposals is the abolition of the right to veto, that is, the unanimous end of voting and decision-making.

“Citizens will hold us accountable if we do nothing.”

However, for such reforms, the EU treaties need to be changed, which some member states reject. However, the recommendations of the conference will not be forgotten, said Dubrovka Suika, Vice President of the European Commission: “I am confident that the institutions will take this seriously and that if we do not implement it, the citizens will hold us accountable. That is why we will do our utmost to accommodate the ideas, expectations and concerns of the citizens.”

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The final proposals will be handed over to EU leaders on May 9, Europe Day. However, it can take months to decide whether they can be implemented or not.

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