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‘What’s needed for Borderland 3’s upcoming May 11 game is exactly that

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The main story that came out yesterday from Borderland 3 was the revelation of two new skill trees for FL4K and Amara, and that buried in that release was another piece of good news. When all of these updates arrive on Borderland 3, November 10th, the new Mayhem 11 will get even harder.

No matter what the numbering suggests, it is not difficult. In fact, it’s easy at cost, but it represents a request that players have been making for ages, with the ability to turn off mehem modifiers.

At low drop rates, you can cultivate Mayhem 10 gear without the need to apply any modifiers that are currently mandatory for 1-10 mAh levels.

The need for this mode to exist is a reflection of the failure of Mayhem 2.0, and one of the biggest player requests is to eliminate it altogether. I understand the principle behind the Mayhem modifiers, which can increase the difficulty in the game without relying on the gearbox Only Enemy health or damage increases. But 90% of modifiers are very annoying, filling the screen with particle effects or minimizing your elemental or critical damage, sponging enemies and weakening your builds. Even simple modifiers that are “positive” often do more harm than good. Do you kill enemies to increase your speed? I hope you enjoy the lost platform jumps on takeaways for insta wipes!

So, the idea of ​​getting rid of all these modifiers is just a dream come true. I honestly don’t care if they go back to the old system of a simple positive player modifier (35% shotgun damage) and an enemy modifier (more precision), but it will work for the time being anyway. The overall design of Mayhem 2.0 with modes of modifiers and different levels of bootlegging between systems is simply not good. Next year, I’m not surprised that the current Mayhem 3.0 will come as a stop gap with this Mayhem 11 addition.

How low are the drop rates? 50% less, it seems, and I predict that many players for Bose farming will stay on Mayhem 10, because the modifiers out there will not hinder a single enemy fight. Although that deficiency does not affect dedicated drops, the report. For more time farming, such as takeaways, slaughterhouses or demonstration grounds, yes, May 11 definitely seems like the right call.

I want all these changes to happen now instead of three weeks, considering all that comes out during that period, and I get exactly zero time to play any of them for about a month. But I’m excited to get to this… Finally, I think. I think we’ll get new sine and moss trees tomorrow, so keep up the good work.

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