What you need to know about Signal Application – Technology

What you need to know about Signal Application - Technology

There has been a lot of talk about the signal, the messaging app, especially after the “WhatsApp” app announced that it would impose new terms on users associated with the “Facebook” company that acquired access to their personal data, or expelled them from it.

If you want to leave “WhatsApp” and join “Signal”, here is the most important information about the latest app of the day, especially as millions of people download it:

What is a signal?

It’s a privacy-focused messaging, voice calling app, and you can use it on smartphones via the “iPhone” or “Android” or desktop version, and all you have to do is type in your phone number.

With the app, you can use emojis or stickers to send text messages and make voice calls or video calls with friends on an individual basis or in groups, just like in other apps.

Is the signal app safe?

Signal communications are encrypted end-to-end, which means that only the people in the message can see their content, and the developer himself can, but also applies to sticker packages that receive their own encryption.

In December 2020, Signal App Group announced the launch of a new feature, end-to-end encryption for audio and video chats.

Encryption is a new feature for “signal” conversations. Thanks to this new feature, the “web.archive” website says that up to 5 participants can communicate securely.

What about the special “signal”?

The content of your messages is encrypted so the signal is truly private, and it gives you the option to configure your messages so that they disappear after a few frames of time. Works in a way that creates and separates it from its use, and if some users ask the police app to get the data, they respond to it and honestly say that there is no data to transfer it.

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Sputnik argues that one of the reasons for not collecting signal data is that it is a non-profit organization, not a for-profit company, and has no advertising, so there is no incentive to track users, instead grants and private investors provide funding.

Signal vs. WhatsApp and other messaging apps

“Signal” and “WhatsApp” are encrypted using the same technology, which means that the content of the messages you send and the calls you make are yours, but the difference is that the “Facebook” company that owns “WhatsApp” collects a lot of other information. In the form of usage statistics, metadata and more, there is no way to unsubscribe.

The signal does not contain the best personalization features like wallpapers like WhatsApp, but when it comes to real privacy, it is not comparable.

The signal contains an exclusive feature called “Screen Security”, which allows the app to prevent other parties from taking screenshots of your conversations.

How to download signal?

You can find the “Signal” app in the “Apple” or “Google Play” app store, and it’s now easier to find because the applications in these stores are located directly above the category of native apps.

When you want to start a short video conference, the relevant chat group will open and then press the “VideoChat” button above. All other group members will receive a message after indicating that the group call has started.


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