What Windows Ten users will do to avoid the hassle of updates

Windows is updating again. However, there are several issues with this new update. Microsoft has already issued a statement in this regard.

In this case, the Windows 10KB 4592438 update will create various effects on your computer’s file system. PC booting can also be a problem. Let us know the details and update on this issue.

If your computer is already having trouble with the latest Windows 10KB 4592438 update, here are some suggestions from Microsoft.

If there is a problem with the PC or laptop during booting, there may be a problem with the recovery console.

In this case, you must first go to the Advanced option of the computer. Then select the command prompt. In this command prompt window type chkdsk / f. This will start the scan on the storage of Windows 10 PC. When the scan is complete, type the exit at the command prompt.

Now Windows 10 will restart. If not restarted, it will show several options. In this case, you need to exit and select the Windows 10 option. Only then can the problem be solved.

There is also a temporary solution in this case. If you’re lucky and you have not encountered any problems with your Windows 10 yet, you can pause the OS update for a while. In this case, you need to click on the Windows 10 icon at the bottom left of the computer screen to open the Start menu.

Then you have to select the settings menu. This will open a new window. Here you need to scroll down to the Windows Update option or search. The update page will then open.

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Here is a list of pending updates. You can also see the download or installation status. At the bottom of this page is the option of temporary updates for 7 days. Now by selecting this option you can stop the automatic download or installation for a few days. This period can be extended later.

If you do not want to update to Windows 10 now, scroll down to the Windows Update page in the same way. Here is another solution. You should come to the Windows Update page and select the Advanced option.

After selecting the Advanced option, several options will appear on your computer screen. You can select any date for the next 35 days for Windows update or automatic installation. This means you can take up to 35 days to stop downloading or installing the update.

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