What will the labor market in Finland look like in 2022?

On the international scene, Finland’s labor market is about to grow. Finland is offering and attracting clients and workers from all over the world to contribute to the GDP and GNP of its states. As the Finnish administration’s initiatives encourage more international employees to come here, this area has become a prominent destination for jobs abroad.

There were some limitations that were necessary for everyone in Finland to work. Now, it has become feasible to offer more jobs. Now,

  • Employers from other countries are no longer required to speak Finnish in order to work in Finland. Finnish is a tough language to master, which is a disincentive for many international professionals. Finland anticipates that as a result of this action, international experts will be eager to apply for work. 
  • The work visa processing time was 52 days which has been reduced to two weeks so that people can apply and come to work as soon as possible.

3 popular sectors that will contribute to the labor market of Finland

In 2022, the following industries will have strong employment development, which will benefit you if you want to employ in Finland. 

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  • Information Technology and Software 

IT and software experts will be in a growing market, and Finland has always been a favorite location for IT professionals. Software developers account for 66% of all job openings in Finland. This employment pays an average of 55,000 Euros each year.

  • The health-care industry 

Nurses are in high demand in the healthcare industry. In 2022, there will be roughly 30,000 nursing job vacancies. 

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  • Section of education 

There will be plenty of career opportunities in the school area, particularly for primary school teachers. There will also be a need for English language instructors, with an average yearly pay of roughly 36,000 Euros in Finland.

The job prognosis in Finland for 2022 appears excellent, with a variety of positions in several areas, and you have a fair shot if you want to relocate to Finland for employment.

Overview of the scope of other sectors for Finland

With the signs of improvement in the work sector, the following are the sectors that will be in high demand in 2022.

1. Information technology (€ 35388)

Information technology is a fast-growing field in which there are many careers offering employment to people all over the world.

2. Engineering (€ 36456)

Engineers solve different technical problems which involve science and mathematics.

3. Finance & Banking (€ 39696)

Analysing the finance market trends and working on them by maintaining the industrial monetary situation well is all that bankers and financial workers do.

4. Marketing (€ 34896)

Marketing plays an important role in spreading brand words traditionally and digitally.

5. Human Resource (€ 28932)

Without human resources, no organization can stand in the market. Having a strong human resource department is necessary for every business.

6. Healthcare (€ 42084)

No doubt, healthcare is and was always topped the employment vacancies.

Running a business in Finland is absolutely worth exploring if you have the legal right to do so rather than competing in an intense competition employment landscape.

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