What to expect in the EU in 2022?

What to expect in the EU in 2022?

The political agenda of the European Union will be busy next year. There are many priorities in Parliament.

Dutch Hild Whatmans (Europe Update) Expected “In fact, citizens will be able to regain their freedom, and we will be able to resume our lives completely without the fear of infection and without a mask.In the case of international politics, the Liberal parliamentarian hopes it can resume Conversation with Russia In detail A strategy against ChinE. Hild Votmans expects a lot French Presidency of the European Union In defense.

His environmental rival, Sergei Lagodinsky, wants progress in the fight against climate change in 2022. MEP has high hopes New German alliance The Green Party is on its line. He hopes the EU will continue its efforts Regulation of digital companies. “We are on track to become a kind of digital global hub that supports innovation but sets the rules where we are open.“, Explains the German manager.

Maltese MEP Roberta Metzola, who is expected to be the next president of the European Parliament, wants to give a new impetus to the institution. She wants to “Let’s look to the future with a more modern approach to politics.

Commission in many areas

Worm contractt will be one of the major issues in 2022. New proposals are expected regarding CO2 emissions for heavy goods vehicles. Struggles over the implementation of energy conversion are in progress. The structure of the energy mixture The differences between the 27 will be revealed once again. Germany and Belgium, for example, want to leave Nuclear When France highlights its merits as an energy source with low greenhouse gas emissions.

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Regarding Brexit, Resolving issues related to the protocol in Northern Ireland has been postponed until 2022. Both sides hope for an agreement very soon. “When you know how difficult the last four or five years have been, I think you should be very responsible for what you put on the table. Resume full discussion? Do we want to move forward with the measures that Northern Ireland is missing out on the unique opportunity to be in both markets at the same time? Should this difficult question be pushed into a tense political debate?“, Asks Marosh Sefkovic, vice president of the commission.

For American digital giants, 2022 may be a game changer. Faced the concerns of The role of social networks And about the polarization of society Spreading false information, The European Union, speeds up the adoption of laws for top regulatory bodies such as Facebook and Meta in the past. Legislation is underway Digital services And FIG Digital markets Priority will be given to the French presidency of the European Union, which begins on January 1.

Face au Kovid-19 From New steps To convince non-vaccinators that it will take effect in many member states, it will make Europe a patchwork of different actions and approaches. Health policy is an ability that comes to member states recalling the European Commissioner in charge of the file. But Stella Kyriakids wants 27 people to share the same message.Citizens should have faith in science and vaccines.

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