What to do to prevent cell phone battery from discharging so fast | Strategies for Optimizing Smartphone Battery | Android | Android IoS | Answers

What to do to prevent cell phone battery from discharging so fast |  Strategies for Optimizing Smartphone Battery |  Android |  Android IoS |  Answers

It all happened to them at some point. Yours has stopped loading Good time, but within hours the battery was significantly depleted. What can you do to avoid these situations? We give you a bunch of tips so that you no longer experience this problem with your battery .

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1. Remove apps in the background

One of the most common situations is when we install different applications on our cell phone in the background which leads to high battery consumption even if your mobile device is not in use.

Once you have run an app, it will be open in the background unless it is closed in your own menu or in the menu options on your phone. This aspect is important because when you open more apps, your cell phone battery lasts longer.

2. Adjust the brightness of the screen

The screen is one of the most energy consuming components in your cell phone, so it is important that you find the balance between proper autonomy and good quality to appreciate content. To minimize this, you need to go to the “Settings” or “Settings” section on your device and moderate on the “Screen and Brightness” option.

There are other strategies such as dimming the screen brightness and disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. (Getty Images)

3. Turn off the vibration

Obviously, moderating the vibration level of your cell phone is an aspect that many do not consider. However, it uses battery, so it is best to enable it only when absolutely necessary. Try disabling vibration with calls or notifications.

4. Turn off Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS

These categories are often overlooked and cell phone batteries are considered “consumer”. So, if you want to further optimize your finish, try disabling them if you do not use WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or NFC. To do this, you can do this from your device’s menu.

5. Reduce notifications

For many, notifications are essential to keep abreast of what is happening on social networks. However, one suggestion is to disable this option, so you can save battery throughout the day except when absolutely necessary.

6. Activate Power Saving Mode

If your mobile device has this configuration, try to make the most of it, as this will extend the life of your mobile. To enable it, go to Settings> Battery Management and configure as you see fit.

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