What to do on the weekends: Opera Festival, art, courses for kids

What to do on the weekends: Opera Festival, art, courses for kids

Summer is approaching Despite the indefinite weather of the last days, Our area agenda continues to be enriched by initiatives All sorts of things, including exhibitions, concerts, tastes, and cultural gatherings. Here we offer a selection of appointments scheduled for the weekend, referring you to the section for a complete picture Agenda of Giornale de Brescia.

Music Reviews

Great wait The return of Opera FestivalOrganized by The foundation of the Titro Grande: Saturday, June 11, from dawn to midnight, Brescia will welcome More than 40 concertsScattered around the city squares, streets, courtyards, and some new spaces that have never been performed before this edition. Preview of the great event Will be submitted to the opera Today, Friday 10, In three different places – Palazzo di Goustia, Casasa Park and Oratorio Santa Maria in Silva. The Complete program Available at Official site Of the incident.

Rock and Irish folk Instead, for the “hybrid” event Photo Musical MeetingHalfway between music and photography on Saturday 11thAncient Wurrer Brewery (Field Bornata). The evening, conducted by Amy Baronchelli, offers a projection of 50 photographs Historical Report by Gian Buturini (London, Dairy), with celebrities Beatles songs (Presented live by Rolando Giambelli) and Irish music and dance (Alessandro Amade and Annalisa Bellito Grillo). Appointment is 9pm and admission is free.

In the province, Space for reviews: Second edition of the 10th edition Sounds and tastes of the Garda Festival This is Saturday Garden Riviera (Fasano below), S.S. Faustino and Giovita. At 9.15pm, Kori Ogasawara and Sylvia Cesena will perform “Mozart and Beethoven’s Sonatas for Violin and Piano”.

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A SigolInstead, theForest Festival – Raises strange entertainment Intends to promote free music within the park Sigola Martinoni Palace; Site on all three evenings Thursday, Friday and Saturday Food stand, Craft beers and stalls. Admission is free and doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

Infin, a Verolanova Departs Sunday, June 12th Ground Musical FestivalIt will later move to Brescia (Castello), Franciacorta (Monticelli Brucati) and Valtrombia. Jazz, and not only; And dj-sets and food and wine experiences.

Assignment with art

Surprises begin in the province, Especially in the lower Garda area: in an exclusive settingContemporary art Wonderland (IS) Land hosted the Isola del Garda last year Grotos of Catullus You can visit it for the second weekend in a row Imperialist overdoses, An exhibition event organized by the My Museum in collaboration with 24 Minerals. Until July 30, it will be transformed into the most famous archeological site in Benaco Open Air Museum: Vera Uberti’s eight multimedia installations and David Lachpell’s “Digital Triptych” will be open to the public from 8.45pm to midnight. Tickets are available at www.Museum.And this and VivaTicket.

Sirmion Also attracts the public in photography: A great book: an exhibition to browse This is an exhibition of Palazzo Kalas collecting successful shots Sirmion Award for Photography 2021, Selected from over 2,500 applications. The original photographic legacy, each year, includes the “raw materials” of the opening exhibition of the tourist season. The show will run for another month (July 10).

In the cityPowered by Blogger Tosio Martinengo Art GalleryThe path dedicated to Giacomo Seruti’s 18th century painting has been enriched over the past few weeks. Portrait of Carlo Emanuel MasaOwned by the Cavallini-Sgarby Foundation – From the idea of ​​Vittorio Sgarby. The loan program is eligible PTM Round Trip And includes three other events until September this year.

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Collegiate Basilica of Saints Nazaro and Celso houses Face to face with Tissot, From the idea of ​​David Dottie. For Centenary of the arrival of Tissot in Brescia In the month of May 1522, a famous person can be admired up close Averoldi PolyptychOne of the milestones of the Italian Renaissance, thanks to scarfolding specially designed to guide the masses Seven meters high. Friday 10 a.m. 17:00, Beyond Tontino in Also makes a special promise With guideLasts about 1 hour – Reservations are required.

The great shows of the season continue, Weston (S. Giulia Museum), Women in the arts: From Tissot to Boldini (Palazzo Martinengo) and Brescia Photo Festival (Different places, historical center). Last but not least, the XVI version The mechanics of wonder It is divided between Brescia and the province. WHO You can consultThe whole program.

In the family

Concerts and art exhibitions are not enough Activities to do with family They are not lost.

Al Castelli Park Of Brescia, a sports association Towards the goal together Organized a day called Sports for toddlers: Saturday, June 11 Kids ages 3 to 12 can enjoy outdoor basketball, rugby and the Powerstone. Castelli will be divided Interactive playgrounds All participants will be given a snack consisting of milk and fruits. Admission is free, with activities starting at 3.30pm.

Entertainment continues in the eye Motocross courses Saturday JR Moto Academy: The lessons are aimed at children 4 years of age and olderOnly need To learn how to ride a bicycle freely without wheels. Motorcycles and equipment are provided by the school directly on site; The courses last two hours and run on motocross tracks Manerbio O Bagnolo Mella.