What to do in the Aran Islands and the Irish Islands

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It is famous for its barren and wild landscape Aran Islands, Located on the outskirts of the city Galway, Ireland, Represents a group of three islands, Inishmore, Inishman, and Inishir formed by microscopic objects similar to those present in the Bahrain.

According to an Irish legend, Ian, one of the many on the Green Island, rose from the sea to defend Ireland. There is a grain of truth: in fact, the geography of Aran is quite different from that of the coast. For thousands of years, these lands have fascinated poets, artists, dreamers and adventurers.

To get to them You must take a ferry Or small Air Aran flights from Connemara Airport (do not worry if they will include you on a scale before departure; this is essential for good distribution of weight inside the aircraft).

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The Art Islands are famous for the stone castles and sheepskin sweaters built by the Celts, which are still worn by the inhabitants of the three islands. The impressive stone forts are said to have been built by the Celtic tribesmen of Europe. The way of life in these parts of the earth has not changed much over the centuries.

Inishmore It is the largest island In Aran, the residents still speak Gaelic. Most ferries arrive here because most of the hotels and restaurants are located on the “Big Island”. You can easily cycle around the island to enjoy the nature and the rugged views that follow each other. Horseback riding is not allowed, but a way to immerse yourself in the island’s folklore and make friends with friendly Irish; It’s definitely a lot of fun as an activity, but it’s also a great way to find space.

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You will come to one from the Dun Angus Center 87 m high slope Facing the sea. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in Ireland. It is better not to get too close to the stream when the wind blows. From here you can visit the Clochen na Carriage, the stone hut, the Na Seech de Tampail or the seven churches.


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The Clochen, Stone houses, Thatched H.S., Only the roofed dwellings represent the most attractive attractions of Aran. The most famous stone structure of the Middle Ages is located at Sil Muhirbihai. Today it is perfectly protected by two openings to the north and south. However, the best evidence of roofed houses can be found. Park near Dn Eochl.

Inishman It is the least populated area in the Aran Islands, home to only 150 people, but this is where you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery. The most important attraction on the island forte Dun Chonchuir, Made entirely of stone and elliptical in shape. If you have time, visit the cottages where the Irish writer John Millington Sinje once lived, a real haven of silence and serenity.

Inishir It is the smallest of the three Aranian Islands, but has more inhabitants than Inishman; About 250 people. It is arguably the most wild and serene place in the archipelago. It is famous for its lighthouse, which can be seen from all over the island. Other attractions include the wreckage of the cruise ship The Plassey in the 1960s and the burial of Timpal Chomhein in the cemetery.

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