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Often seenMad Mr. SocietyMany users report that the iPhone network is unstable and the network slows down. As a result, if the connection to the Wi-Fi / 4G / 5G network is not able to connect intermittently or slowly, you can try these 10 ways to solve the problem of mobile phone network not working quickly.

Despite the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11, the network remains unstable. Mr. Crazy found from past iOS disaster analysis and community discussions that most of these are unusual connections or slow internet connections or Wi-Fi connections after the iOS update. Stability and other errors, even on certain days, cause the iPhone network to slow down and the mobile network to shut down quickly. In general, when you encounter this type of iPhone network instability error, you can use 10 solutions to troubleshoot the iPhone mobile network’s slowdown. .

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Slow Internet Speed

Reopen the Internet in Airplane mode

Use your finger to swipe down from the top right of the iPhone screen to open the “Control Center”, directly click on “Airplane Mode” (Airplane Pattern) and then click again to reconnect to the network. This step will quickly switch mobile and Wi-Fi networks on and off automatically, and will usually resolve even the most basic network downtime or instability quickly.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Slow Internet Speed

Inserting and removing SIM cards and checking for oxidation problems

If the iPhone’s 4G / 5G mobile network has network interruptions, signal reception, or abnormal speeds, you can first pull out the SIM card slot and check if the SIM card is oxidized. You can use an eraser to wipe. First the chip. Once on the surface, plug it back into the phone and use the network speed test tool Speed ​​test Internet Speed ​​Test.

If the SIM card has not been replaced for years, or if the SIM card is inserted frequently and the device has to be replaced, oxidation, damage and minor black spots on the SIM card can easily occur. SIM card. It is recommended to take it back to the telecom store and replace it with a new SIM card. , Which will almost fix the mobile network speed.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed

Reboot your iPhone once

Sometimes after upgrading to iOS, or in some cases, there may be an error connecting to the network, in which case restarting the iPhone first will fix most unexpected bugs and unusual issues with the iOS system.

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Advanced Skills:What should I do if my iPhone crashes, spins or freezes? 10 Best Solution Tips

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed ​​3

Check the connected Wi-Fi network

If you frequently access free internet environments such as supermarkets, MRTs, schools or areas with public networks, you will usually try to automatically connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network, resulting in slower Wi-Fi network speeds after connection. .

You can first slide out of the iPhone Control Center, hold down the top left window for a second, and you can check if the current WiFi connection is a free network.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Slow Internet Speed ​​4

If the mobile network is relatively fast, you can directly click on the “Wi-Fi icon” and it will turn gray and white to turn off the Wi-Fi network connection and you can use the mobile network.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Slow Internet Speed ​​5

Forgot iPhone Network Settings

If the iPhone’s Wi-Fi network is abnormal or unable to connect, you can manually forget about this network via Wi-Fi by following the steps below, and enable the “Auto Join” and “Dedicated Address” functions.

  1. Open the iOS “Settings”> “WiFi” network list
  2. Find the name of the currently connected WiFi and click on the “i” button on the right
  3. Click “Forget this network configuration”

The system will reset the WiFi record and settings of the current connection of the iPhone. Click again on this WiFi network and you will be prompted to enter your password again to connect, which is normal.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed ​​6

Reset network settings

If you forget the Wi-Fi network settings and the network is disconnected, you can try resetting the iPhone network settings to the original default values:

  • iOS 14 or older: iOS “Settings”> “General”> “Reset” and click “Reset Network Settings”
  • iOS 15 or newer version: iOS “Settings”> “General”> “Transfer or reset iPhone” Click “Reset”> “Reset network settings”

In this way, all network settings on the iPhone will be erased and restored to factory defaults, and no data on the iPhone will be deleted. For details, please see “Comprehensive Guide to iPhone Reset”.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed ​​7

Turn off iCloud Private Transfer

I hope that after upgrading to iOS 15 or a newer version, many people will find that Safari web browsing is interrupted or enabled. You can try to “close”.iCloud Private Transfer“These problems can be solved.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed ​​7

Turn off the disabled VPN tool

If the iPhone is equipped with VPN or weird security tools, it is recommended to close or delete these apps first. Sometimes, this may be due to these third party app tools. Also, remind iOS that you do not need to install a firewall. Antivirus software, mainly iOS, has a closed system and a “sandbox” mechanism, so there is no need to install protective tools. You’re worried about your browsing records and account secrets being stolen.

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If there are VPN apps that claim to be able to browse the Internet to prevent hacker attacks without leaving tracks, most of them are marketing stunts, so be careful as they are free to use. Account secrets are recorded and will be affected. Personal privacy and browsing records are at high risk for theft and information security.

If you want to use a secure VPN service, we recommend the following paid and secure VPNs:

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed ​​8

Reboot WiFi Share / Router once

If the iPhone has been running smoothly on WiFi before, and one day the WiFi connection shows an error, first check if the WiFi Sharer / Router (AP) has a flashing red warning light. If no abnormality is detected, first reboot the WiFi share / try it on the router (turn off the device, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on), which usually solves the problem of not being able to connect quickly.

If this happens frequently and continuously, it can happen for the following reasons. If the equipment is suggested by other manufacturers, it will be reported for repair first, check with an engineer or a friend who understands for internet help. The following are the reasons:

  • WiFi sharers are hot
  • Network loop conflict
  • Different brands of AP devices may have conflicts
  • Hackers or abnormal network traffic attack (recommended to open firewall by connecting to AP)
  • The network line behind the modem is aging

Clear Safari cache data

Another reason is that while browsing the web on the iPhone, the data becomes occupied on the device, and if it is not cleared for a long time, it also causes the Safari browser to freeze, until it is found that the Safari browser is running very slowly. For example, if you want to clear Safari browsing history, you can run the website information in the following ways:

Delete Safari Cache Data Location: iOS via “Settings”> “Safari”> “Website Data”.

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10 Ways to Fix iPhone Network Instability and Low Internet Speed

Reminder: The above method makes it easy for the browser to memorize the temporarily memorized account password. When the automatic iCloud memory account password function is turned on, it will be loaded automatically.

Tips for Improving iPhone Internet Speed

After trying the above 10 methods, you can finally use the iPhone Network to modify the DNS method to improve network speed, which can be achieved by the following tutorial:

Analysis and summary of the causes of iPhone mobile phone slow network

1. Telecom business base station issue

After trying the above methods, you will find that your iPhone’s internet speed is still very slow, so you must first determine the current signal strength of the mobile network. Influence, you can find the same telecommunication friends and colleagues to compare and see. .

If you’ve recently switched to a telecommunications company, the iPhone network in some areas may be particularly congested. For example, Mr. Crazy found that some telecommunications companies have very weak signals in certain environments, which can cause network delays. The problem is that the commercial base stations do not have adequate signal coverage that this is a telecom company.

Before you want to change telecommunication companies, it is recommended that you first apply for a 4G / 5G network trial, and first determine if your intermittent signal has an unstable network or sufficient signal strength.

2. iOS system issues

In general, iOS systems can also cause network problems to some extent. Mr. Crazy found in the disaster report area that after some iOS updates some user devices fail to connect to the mobile network quickly. In general, most people are accustomed to OTA. Upgrades. Most bugs are caused by the iPhone system. Try to improve it through 10 strategies, or SIM oxidation will affect it.

3. Due to iPhone hardware failure

After replacing the SIM card and using the above 10 strategies to fix the unstable iPhone network, if the iPhone network instability problem is not detected, within 1 year warranty, it is assumed that there is a problem with the iPhone hardware.

You can try firstApple support》 For remote testing the application should first contact the customer service, or you can check and repair through the following Apple Authorized Center:

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