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Face ID This is the most convenient face unlock method for iPhone. Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has also used it as a replacement for the Touch ID security mechanism. However, new and old iPhones are likely to appear “Face ID is disabled‘The situation, as a result Cannot set up Face IDIf the function fails, there are 7 ways to delete the disabled Face ID method before repairing iPhone Face ID.

Analysis of Face ID Failure Reasons

There are a few reasons why an iPhone can’t use Face ID or get a Face ID disabled error message:

Unable to unlock Face ID

If there is a Face ID unlock failure message, the most important thing is that the iPhone has various security considerations with Face ID, and you may wear sunglasses, tinted contact lenses, micro-shaping or thick frame glasses. , etc., you can try resetting Face ID again. Try the ID.

Cannot set up Face ID

If Face ID is disabled and can’t be set up on iPhone when you set up Face ID, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Something is covering the front lens
  • Something covers the face
  • Hold too close, too high, or too close to the eyes
  • System error

Face ID failure

If you set iPhone Face ID to immediately pop up “Face ID disabled”, first remember if the phone has been dropped or the phone has been soaked in water recently. If so, it could be due to a hardware failure of the Face. Id.

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iPhone Face ID Not Working Troubleshooting Solutions

Method 1. Basic Troubleshooting

When setting up iPhone Face ID, if there is a situation where Face ID is disabled and cannot be set up, you can try the following methods to avoid:

  • Make sure the iPhone’s front lens is not covered by dust, a protective case, or a protective sticker. If there is a recent sticker, tear it off.
  • Make sure the face is not covered and the eyes, nose and mouth are not covered.
  • Do not hold your iPhone too close, too high, or too close to the eyes, but at arm’s length (25 to 50 cm).
  • Do not use Face ID in bright sunlight, strong reflections, or other strong light sources.

Method 2. Reboot iPhone once

If you encounter the iPhone Face ID disabled error message, it is most likely due to an iOS system error. You can try shutting down the iPhone and restarting it again, this will usually fix the disabled Face ID issue.

How to Reboot Your iPhone

【iPhone Shutdown Quick Key Tips】Press“Side Power Button” + “Volume Down (-)”or“Side Power Button” + “Volume Up (+)”After about three seconds, the shutdown function can be called.

iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max

How to force restart your iPhone

  1. Press “Volume key up (+)“key. (do not continue pressing)
  2. Press “Volume key down (-)“key. (do not continue pressing)
  3. Finally, long press “Side power button“After about 10 seconds, the Apple logo appears on the screen and releases, until the screen fades.
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If the iPhone crashes, the screen becomes untouchable and the screen goes black, you can still use the above steps to reboot. Three steps must be completed before the volume pattern disappears and the iPhone can be rebooted (forced) reboot).reboot).

Method 3. Remove the screen protector

Cannot use Face ID. This could be because the screen protector doesn’t have a hole for the True Depth camera, it doesn’t have enough light transmission, infrared rays can’t penetrate the protector, and Face ID can’t be used. You can try to tear. Turn off the iPhone screen protector. Set it up again.

Method 4. Reset Face ID Settings

If iPhone Face ID fails to work properly, unlocking always fails, you can try to delete original Face ID record and reset Face ID facial recognition.

  • How to reset Face ID: iOS “Settings” > “Face ID & Passcode” > “Reset Face ID”

Method 5. Reset all iPhone settings

Found that iPhone still can’t scan and recognize face despite resetting Face ID settings, you can try to reset all settings of iPhone and reset iOS settings to original factory settings to keep original iPhone. data. The setup method is as follows:

Method 6. Update the iOS version

If the iPhone has never been upgraded to iOS version after purchasing the iPhone, it is possible to have Face ID problems with the older version. It is recommended to keep the iOS system to the latest version. It is recommended to backup iPhone data before modifying as most errors may occur.

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Method 7. Prepare to repair hardware failure

After trying the above six methods, if you can’t solve the disabled Face ID error problem, it means that the TrueDepth camera is a hardware failure and the maintenance staff of this site shared that it is usually damaged, wet or detached, the front lens cannot be used due to a faulty contact array, and most of the Face ID deactivation is due to hardware failure, But the software problem is relatively minor.

You can only take it back for repair at Apple’s original repair center. Don’t be too smart to buy parts online and disassemble them yourself. The iPhone’s front lens module is linked to a serial number. Even if the parts are replaced, it will not work, after disassembling the machine by yourself or by maintenance personnel, the accidental contact of the array caused the damage, and it is not ruled out that it is caused by water ingress.

It is recommended to take it back to an Apple authorized repair center within the one year warranty. If it is not artificially damaged, it can be repaired or replaced with a new one, as is the repair cost of the iPhone. Face ID, please refer to “iPhone repair costs”, you can also refer the following information for information about repair center store:

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