What science are we talking about? | The Journal of Montreal

What science are we talking about?  |  The Journal of Montreal

“You have to believe in science! How many times have we heard this mantra since March 2020?

Of course, we must bow to science for questions that have already been studied and validated.


But for this still mysterious virus, we blindly believe the first theory put forward by only one candidate for the Nobel Prize for stupidity, that we should stand within the bounds of knowledge. Because which science exactly should we believe?

Is it the science of public health professionals or the science of the private sector? The doctors who run the TV shows or the 15,000 doctors who signed the Rome Declaration? Is it the science of a press release from a pharmaceutical company or the science of independent researchers questioning its claims? The science of DR Aruda in March 2020, July 2020 or December 2021? Is it the science of the World Health Organization boss who says we will not recover from the epidemic with booster doses, or those who say the opposite? Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have found that omicarone can be easily eliminated from the immune system of vaccines or vaccine enthusiasts.

For each scientific claim, another says the opposite. As the science of COVID evolves day by day, the myth of truth is quickly replaced by the assurance of wrong. How to find it?

According to the epistemologist Karl Popper, a theory can only be scientific if it can be refuted. Adhering to one theory and despising others is therefore unscientific and freezes knowledge. It is a matter of faith, of faith. Then we fall into stubbornness and scientism.

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On the contrary, an authoritative scientific approach is one that is neutral and proceeds from doubt and questioning. “The light comes from the shock of ideas,” Boyle said. Otherwise, it is ambiguous.

“Believe in science” is absurd. We must “believe” in the scientific approach!

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