What kind of person are you? Chronos or Kairos?

What kind of person are you?  Chronos or Kairos?

Do you know the difference between the type of character we call Chronos or Kairos? Look at the difference in how both types of people view time. A person with a chronos-type disposition focuses more on logic. The heart is the main control factor for a person with Kairos type.

What kind of person are you? Chronos or Kairos?

We will trace the origin of these two words in distant Greek mythology. Words like chronology and chronometer still exist today. Underneath them we can imagine a linear flow of time, and a fact that can be maintained at a constant and, importantly, intellectual level. In this case, it’s the Chronos type.

The exact opposite is the type of Kairos, which deals with its individual existence, recognizes its originality, and is very distinct. It is generally very difficult to describe as it primarily deals with its friendliness and uniqueness.

Human type Chronos

Under the term chronos, we can imagine Man, Who confesses linearity without much imagination, can say that he solves his affairs very objectively and at the same time unpredictably. On the other hand, this approach provides certain guarantees and boundaries that do not allow a person to deviate.

This type Personalities Although it does not pose any major risk issues. He has set up his own security, in which he seems to be safe, with relatively nothing threatening. Nothing can get him out of his habits.

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In our society, we are primarily led to stay on track. These types of individuals have a very organized time, planned to keep at any cost, and do not like to retreat. However, there is a danger that he may do things that he does not enjoy and does not fulfill in his essence, but he is engaged in them, mainly because he planned them. He is in danger of not experiencing the spontaneous happiness of life.

A man like Chronos loves some of his things, does not need to take risks and does not want to lose the hard-earned business. He loves his peace, honestly fulfills his duties and leads a quiet life.

Kronos man loves his peace, photo: Kate Eden / Shutterstock

Type of person Kairos

Kairos, on the other hand, sticks to the right schedule at the right time. He will let things go as they are and leave his things to chance. He has a big heartbeat and does things the way he feels in a certain moment.

He does not like to get stuck on well-established tracks because his routine causes him great limiting emotions and he has the impression that he has less chances to fly and see in a certain situation.

He loves unique experiences that bring a spark to life. He is well aware that such adventures cannot be planned easily and simply, and he cannot stick to a well-established schedule if he wants to experience truly brilliant experiences and opportunities.

This person can change his life story from hour to hour Hours, Or from minute to minute. He can make decisions very quickly and take advantage of the opportunity to fly behind him. He probably won’t let her run away. They are not afraid to take risks and follow the law of all or nothing.

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If he does not seize the opportunity and succeed, he will not be disappointed for long. He takes it as an experience he can learn from, and actually gets another benefit from it. He knows that there will be another chance soon and that he may win again if he takes the risk.

This lifestyle is not easy. Thanks to him, a person can lose a lot and gain a lot. These people are very experienced and, as they say, windy. Some circumstances surprise them. They are brave and do not fear danger. Thanks to this, they will experience beautiful and unrepeatable, especially spiritual experiences.

It may take time

We need to understand that there are actually only 24 hours in a day and time cannot be saved or saved. We will never get our time back, it is up to us how we use our pre-determined time. Will we allow him to escape from our toes, or will we really try to experience it?

Chronos and Kairos type combinations

We need to be able to deal with the chronology and linearity of our lives, as well as the dangers and unorganized anarchic situations we face at any time in our lives.

Anyone who learns to live with two opposites is successful and can handle any situation. At the same time, he can Life Enjoy and enjoy it to the fullest.


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