What is this mini series about Jamie Dorn who lost his memory in the Australian desert?

What is this mini series about Jamie Dorn who lost his memory in the Australian desert?

From March 2, Jamie Dornen will be seen on the big screens in Belgium in Kenneth Branagh’s movie “Belfast”. From March 3, he can be found on the American streaming service HBO Max on the international mini-series “The Tourist”, which was released earlier this year by the BBC One and the Australian streaming service Stan.

Signed by brothers Harry and Jack Williams, the myth begins in an Australian desert, where one rests in an establishment before returning to the road. There, suddenly, his vehicle is followed by a large tanker truck, which violently hits him. A totally incredible sequence reminiscent of Spielberg’s “dual” over 50 years old …

The man, played by Dornen, who has a beard and is overweight, is hospitalized in a small town full of tumors and bruises. Then he remembers nothing. Absolutely nothing. His name, what he does “there” or where he goes … total memory loss. But one particular fact is that we wanted to kill him.

Then two women will help him. First, Helen Chambers (Daniel McDonald) is an apprentice cop, complicated by her weight and verbally abused by her fianc. A cad. Then there is Lucy “With AI” (Shalom Brown-Franklin), a maid who seeks out herself as an “unnamed man with an Irish accent”. Without going into details, we can reveal that she knows more about him than anyone thought. Because here, the viewer is in his same state: he knows nothing, digging with him. Figuratively, once, literally …

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What we can add to the content of this “Western”, some “Fargo” thriller is that a bad man will soon appear and cause trouble. Why ? Mysterious …

To some, this novelty may seem boring, but it is true that there was no shortage of desert moments … but we loved the progress of the story and its aftermath, some of its big surprises and stunning photography. But we recognize that it is no less than improbable.

Finally, fans of Sexy Jamie will be pleased to see him again in a bed scene.

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