What is the role of religion in post-pandemic societies?

What is the role of religion in post-pandemic societies?

An international research project led by Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, “Global North” will study and compare the changing roles of majorities and minorities in the communities of the four countries of Canada, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). ) And when Poland emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Solange Lefebvre, a professor at the Institute of Religious Studies at the University of Montreal, will participate in the study.

The research team will analyze the factors that influence how religious actors shape issues such as health, disease, and science in the context of a pandemic. In particular, she examines how the relationship between religion and government has changed, and how religious adaptations to the digital world and other ethical issues have been taken into account.

Gladys Ganiel, who teaches sociology at the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast, is leading a three – year study entitled The Changing Role of Religion in Emerging Communities from the COVID – 19 Pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for religious change in many societies, and the role of religion is taking on renewed importance, including secularization,” she said.Me Global Peace, Security and Justice for Senator George J. Ganiel, a Fellow of the Mitchell Institute. This new study seeks to find out how different religions contribute to the building of more resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities emerging from the Pandemic.

“This project was born out of a post Special issue of the journal Religion I co-directed with Solange Lefebvre, Chairperson of the Cultural and Religious Diversity Management at UdeM and a member of the Royal Society of Canada. Gladys Guinea also contributed to this special issue, highlighting the major research challenges we face in the years to come.

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The team will use a variety of methods to gather the data needed to study this research, including surveys, interviews, analysis of media materials, and content produced by religious organizations.

Kerstin R -d-Antwieler, a professor at the University of Bremen in Germany, and Slovomir Mantus, at the University of Warsaw in Poland.mine Ganiel and Lefebvre. Funding for research Trans Atlantic Platform For the social and humanities sciences within the framework of the program Recovery, Renewal, and Resistance in a Post-Pandemic World.

The Transatlantic Platform is an unprecedented collaboration between social science and humanities research agencies in South America, North America and Europe to identify common challenges, promote a cooperative culture and raise awareness of their social and human role. Science plays a role in meeting the challenges of the 21stE Century.

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