What is the new “Multi-Device” mode launched by WhatsApp?

What is the new "Multi-Device" mode launched by WhatsApp?
01/05/2021 WhatsApp Web WHATSAPP Research and Technology Policy

WhatsApp wants to retain the title of “the most popular and important messaging app in the world” with a new configuration that many of its users have been waiting for.

Since the app was released in 2009, there is already more than that Two billion people Those registered with this messaging service may have stopped or reduced that number in the coming months.

Due to a dispute over WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions, unconfirmed rumors suggest that the app will have full control over its users’ privacy and will use this information to make a profit. Telegram.

For this reason, for WhatsApp, it is very important to get back the people who left the app, and it seems that a new technology on its platform will solve this.

This was reported Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Catchcart, In an interview with the special media ‘WABetainfo’ confirming that the device will call “Multi-tool” It aims to use WhatsApp account on many devices without having to connect to the main internet.

According to WABetainfo, this idea stems from the need to have the services of a messaging app, regardless of the availability of a basic device and network connectivity. With “multi-tool”, The user can link up to four devices simultaneously, Each gained complete independence from the others.

This way, the smartphone on which the app is installed does not need to have internet and can use the WhatsApp web; Holding open sessions on multiple computers or other devices at the same time will not be a hindrance.

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Likewise, this new option will allow migration of chat history between Apple (iOS) and any mobile with Android operating system.

“Synchronizing all your messages and content is a big technical challenge”

Finally, the directors of Facebook and WhatsApp have assured that voice and video calls will work on any of the linked devices, however, the selected device must be connected to the Internet.

This will allow you to access the beta version of WhatsApp Web (WABetainfo).
This will allow you to access the beta version of WhatsApp Web (WABetainfo).

Now, according to Facebook, this WhatsApp device is part of a new update available for beta testers for Apple and Google operating systems in about two months.

Functionalities still show or cause some errors Bugs And that they are somewhat limited in relation to the goal to be achieved. One of these drawbacks is the inability to access multiple cell phones at the same time. Thus, it is only possible at this moment WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, Portal Share session with main cell phone.

However, in the Alpha version it is expected that two smartphones will already be able to connect to each other at the same time, or on similar devices Tablets.

Note: To enjoy all the options, the user must have the latest WhatsApp update.

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