What is the Android system webview that Gmail and others are creating today?

What is the Android system webview that Gmail and others are creating today?

KOMPAS.com – Earlier this week, several users Android Complained about various applications on his device Error And Collapse, Including Indonesia. Applications that have been reported to affect Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, Dana, Shopie, and Line.

The obstruction apparently occurred Android app SystemView, a built-in application component for Android devices. Google Now the problem is solved Please update, But what is a web view, and what does it do on Android?

WebView allows app developers to display content from a page Web Directly within the application.

For example, when you want to open Gmail, users can do this in two ways. By accessing Gmail.com first Bra browser sir. The second way is to open the application.

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This Gmail app on Android includes a web view in its layout so users can access similar Gmail content on the page Web.

In addition to displaying content, developers can also use a web view to add functions Bra browser sir You can open the page to the application Web It also executes JavaScript as a browser.

“You can design a page Web Customize for Android devices and then implement a web view in your Android app that loads the page Web,“Write a description of the web view Site Developer Android.

It was previously integrated and is now separated

Webview initially became one of the Android operating systems. As a result, application component updates are only updated at the same time as the latest version of the operating system.

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However, as an Android developer, Google changed the scheme. When Android 5 was released, Google separated the Webview component from the Core operating system.

Therefore, webview updates can be delivered directly through the Google Play App Store, without having to wait for them to comply Please update operating system.

Separating webview from operating system is good news for Android end users as it is compiled. Compass Techno Since Tech Target, Wednesday (24/3/2021),

This is because if a bug is found in the web view component, Google can find a solution and distribute it faster through the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, Android users can get the solution automatically by updating the webview through their device or by visiting the Play Store.

KOMPAS.com/ OIK YUSUF Android System Webview Version 89.0.4389.105, which already includes solutions from Google for frequently crashing applications.

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That’s what Google does to fix Android app issues Crash Gara-gara
Webview first this week, that is, deliver immediately Please update Android System Webview to version 89.0.4389.105 and Chrome browser.

“Update Android System Web View And Google Chrome via Google Play will fix the problem now, ”said a Google spokesperson BBC.

To protect your device from attacks that exploit Webview’s capabilities, Google recommends that all Android users run the latest version of the operating system and update their web view when required by the device.

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