What is known about the sunspot that increases in size by 10 times and moves towards the earth | NASA | TDEX-REVTLI | Answers

What is known about the sunspot that increases in size by 10 times and moves towards the earth |  NASA |  TDEX-REVTLI |  Answers

A , a region of the Sun with a relatively low temperature in Nakshatra Raja, increases tenfold in size and moves towards Earth. That’s why in this post we tell you what to know about it and other important information you need to know about this phenomenon.

A sunspot increases in size by 10 times and moves towards Earth

According to the original Live Science report, if Sunspots Continuing to grow so fast in the coming days, they will produce extremely intense lightning strikes that will affect our planet. The effect of this energy release could endanger the world’s space agencies’ satellites and communications systems.

However, the same agency indicated that this phenomenon does not represent a real danger to our planet at the moment.

He noted that the sun’s activity has changed dramatically in recent years, creating X-class explosions that have hit Earth since late spring 2022. The number of these phenomena will increase with time. Approach the next solar maximum.

What is a sunspot?

A sunspot It is a region with lower temperatures and intense magnetic activity than the Sun’s surroundings. A sunspot It usually consists of a dark center, called the “umbra,” surrounded by a lighter “penumbra.” A single spot can measure up to 12,000 km (almost as large as the Earth’s diameter), but a cluster The scars It stretches up to 120,000 km and sometimes more.

The penumbra is made up of light and dark filaments extending more or less radially from the umbra. Both (umbra and penumbra) appear darker in contrast to the photosphere because they are cooler than the average temperature of the photosphere; Thus, the umbra has a temperature of 4000 K, while the penumbra reaches 5600 K, which is lower than the approximately 6000 K for the grains of the photosphere.

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According to the Stefan-Boltzmann law, the total energy radiated by a black body (such as a star) is proportional to the fourth power of its effective temperature, and the umbra emits about 32% of the light emitted by an area of ​​equal size. The photosphere and similarly the penumbra have a brightness of 71% that of the photosphere.

The darkness of a sunspot This is just a contrast effect; If we could see an isolated Earth-sized spot at the same distance from the Sun, it would be 50 times brighter than the full moon. The The scars They are relatively stationary with respect to the photosphere and participate in solar rotation. The surface area of ​​the Sun is covered The scars It is measured in millionths of the visible solar hemisphere.

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