What is Bitcoin and how it works: We will tell you …

Qué es Bitcoin, cómo funciona: te lo contamos en Club Social

“Bitcoin is digital money,” he explained, the oldest technology in money, the credit card that goes through paper money. “It has a lot of features,” he wrote. “A global currency, that is, who owns Bitcoin, becomes an international bank,” he recalled, stating that it could be divided into several parts that “you can buy with 100 pesos”.

He pointed out that Coriants is developing an app for anyone in the province to buy Bitcoin. The security of this currency depends on the blockchain technology (blockchain) and the information of all users who are generally accessible.

The value of Bitcoin is controlled by the “pure” supply and demand based on the value of the dollar, and when one wants to “sell” this currency, it does so with a value close to the “blue” dollar. “When you have bitcoin you can’t attach it and no one can touch it,” he said, adding that when it is converted into money it enters the financial system.

Masserelli commented that people interested in entering the world of digital currencies can contact him on his social networks to receive advice.

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