What Is a Solar Power Cell and How Is It Used?

What is a solar power cell and what is it for? Learn more about the many uses of solar power cells and their renewable energy capabilities.

There is enough solar energy production in the United States to power nearly 20 million homes. Solar power has never been hotter. This huge renewable energy technology starts with the simple solar power cell. These power cells form the building blocks of the photovoltaic arrays used to power homes across the nation. If you like the field of sustainable energy, you need to become familiar with what a solar power cell is and its applications. Read on to get all the information you need.

Understanding a Solar Power Cell

Solar power cells are most often made of a silicon wafer encased in glass. You can check out this detailed modeling of a solar power cell to get a better feel for how they look and work. As an individual unit, solar power cells don’t produce all that much electricity. However, when multiple solar power cells are arranged into a photovoltaic array, their cumulative power production is significant. Solar panels consist of multiple different solar power cells working in conjunction with one another to harvest the sun’s energy. The way they do this is through the photovoltaic effect. In short, this is the scientific principle that explains how solar power cells can generate electricity from the sun. Materials like silicon possess inherent characteristics on a molecular level that cause their electrons to move when exposed to sunlight. This movement of electrons creates an electrical current. When enough solar cells are linked together, their total electrical current can be enough to power your home on a sunny day.

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Using Solar Power Cells

Having a photovoltaic solar system on your home’s roof can increase its value and curb appeal. So much so that solar and home value are inarguably linked. In addition to increasing your home’s value, you can use solar power cells to lower your monthly electricity bills. If you get enough of them you may even be free from the grid altogether and live with energy independence. On a smaller scale, individual solar power cells can power outdoor lighting and small devices. They are great to take with you on camping trips to charge things such as cell phones and laptops. Solar power cells are increasingly incorporated into exciting new products and applications. Things like solar-powered cars are now a reality due to evolutions in solar power cell technology. As innovations continue, solar power cells will continue to shape the world around us. They also will continue to be a great alternative to fossil fuel-produced power.

Solar Is Here to Stay

The solar power cell is a technological marvel that has revolutionized the world around us. The world will continue to be shaped by solar power cells as emerging technology paves the way for future innovation. Learn all you can about solar power cells and use the information in this guide to find out what ones work best for your home. When you are ready, get a solar system installed so you can save the earth and retain your energy independence. For all your other important news and info like this, keep tabs on our page.

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