What if everything you know about pirates is wrong?

What if everything you know about pirates is wrong?

If a hacker violates the code, he or she will not be subject to “board harassment”. Although there is no historical evidence for this system, it is scarce, mainly from fiction, especially from cinema. Treasure Island. If the victims were to be punished, it was usually by hold torture: in an even more terrifying spell, someone was tied to a rope and thrown into the water, pulling a rope to carry them from one end of the ship to the other. . Victims of this punishment either drowned or bled from the wounds inflicted by the shells hanging on the hull of the ship that towed them. Other forms of punishment include being thrown into the sea, being abandoned on a desert island, and being whipped.

(Read: Grace O’Malley, Queen of the Irish Pirates.)

Pirate ships

Most pirates never sailed in Spanish galleys or warships like Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl. They chose smaller and more manageable ships that made it easier to escape from the larger warships that followed them. At 16E et 17E For centuries, slopes have been a favorite choice of pirates: they had faster and shallower drafts, allowing them to escape more easily into shallow water. Scooners like slopes were quick and easy to handle, and could easily hide in estuaries due to shallow drafts.

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