What if Conor McGregor buys St.-Etienne Greens instead?

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March 7, 2022 at 4:50 p.m. By Thomas

Since Connor McGregor is looking for a football club to take over and lead, why not pay attention to The Notorious League 1?

Conor McGregor talks a lot, Which also creates its sphere of influence in a sports environment – MMA -, intimidation. corn His desire to take over a football club Sounds real. It was not born out of the recent events of Roman Abramovich, who the Irishman officially applied to on his social networks, and the sale of the Chelsea Blues.

Connor McGregor wants to buy a football club

Bluff or real interest in the London team? Of course both, because Conor McGregor, who has amassed a fortune in the octagon, in the ring against Floyd Mayweather, has no financial means to own, and will claim ക്ലബ് 3 billion for a club he claims to be his Russian owner. If McGregor wants to buy a professional team, why not come to France? For example, by going to bed with ASSE’s greens.

You understand that well, all these lines are imaginary, some would say fantasy, having a leader is, of course, weird, but oh, very charismatic. And from the world of sports.

ASSE and all its players have more followers than just one

The presence of Connor McGregor in League 1 will be a great highlight for the French Championship. With international repercussions, we can certainly compare Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint – Germain. You have to see how the tweet he posted to take over Chelsea crosses all boundaries. Then, The Notorious could easily claim the release of Greens, even cheaper (this would be a question of one or two million euros), even saving money to invest in the first few years.

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From the green of his Irish flag to the Saint-Etienne jersey?

But then, why do you tell us AS Saint-Etienne? Already, there are certainly a number of clubs for sale in the landscape of European football, but few with Forres’ sporting and popular past. Connor McGregor is a showman as well as an accomplished athlete. In the MMA, his pre-fight explosions, and sometimes even more, have contributed greatly to his legend. He has the art of popularizing an event on the basis of truth, which is an explanation of the text, without distorting its basis.

An accomplished businessman outside the sports sector

More specifically, St. Etienne and The Notorious are generally green; Others for the color of the emblems and jerseys, and another for the Irish flag he valued. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post as the boss of a football franchise. Over the past twelve months, the majority of his stake has been valued at approximately $ 600 million (555 M). Or, this season, an amount equal to 8 times the Greens budget. So Connor, if you read us …

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