What Happens (in General Silence) – Libero Quotidiano

What Happens (in General Silence) - Libero Quotidiano

And Green Pass Day, Is the day on which the green certification obligation for all workers came into force. Italy is presenting itself as armor to counter the protests, which are now in a small voice, or in any case lighter than expected and harder to control. In fact, no-wax a Rome And some disturbances a Genoa, International launch of San Benigno and ferry terminal blocked.

The most subtle situation occurs TriesteWhere more than 5,000 people protest against the Green Pass and oppose the idea of ​​genuine tampons. On the other hand, little anarchy was expected in the Florian capital, the “homeland” of the Dockers, which became a reference point for protesters against green certification. Meanwhile, in general silence Additions to the vaccination campaign are on the rise To comply with the Green Pass.

Office of the Commissioner Francesco Pao Figliolo In fact, the number of first doses given in the last 24 hours has increased significantly: they call it the Green Pass Effect, which translates to 73,296 new injections An increase of more than 34% Than the start of the week. A sign of self-control by many away from protests.

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