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What happens again with Brexit?

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The European Union and the United Kingdom are once again at loggerheads over the British government’s draft legislation amending parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Boris Johnson’s government has rejected EU demands to cancel the proposed new plan, despite acknowledging that it violates international law and threatening to take legal action in Brussels.

Why did the latest line start?

The UK introduced a domestic market bill covering trade in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It seeks to change key elements of the withdrawal agreement approved by the European Union and the UK earlier this year.

How can this violate the Brexit agreement?

The two main areas where draft legislation violates the agreement are in the areas of state aid and export declarations – although there are other conflicting areas.

The withdrawal agreement sets the rules that effectively keep Northern Ireland, two economic camps of the European Union and the UK, from avoiding the strict border on the island of Ireland. The proposed British law would violate laws designed to prevent businesses in Northern Ireland from gaining competitive advantage over government subsidies from the UK and to ensure the inspection of goods entering Northern Ireland.

How exactly does the legislature do that?

The UK Government is empowered to abide by parts of the withdrawal agreement, especially the Northern Ireland Protocol within it.

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