What good is a cow if it stops milking? Get ready, the government has announced that it will test cows for the first time at the national level

national Cow Science exam

Tests will be conducted at the national level to make you aware of the various uses of cows. (National Cattle Science Examination)

New Delhi: The cow is a very useful pet It is always said. We have always heard that cow’s milk, cow’s urine and many other things are very useful for the human body. However, many people do not know that it is useful even if the cow does not give milk. Many uses of the cow are still unknown to us. In view of all this, an examination will now be conducted at the national level. Yamag’s goal is to make everyone aware of the science behind the cow and the products made from it. The examination will be conducted by the Rashtra Kamadhenu Commission. (National Cattle Examination Registration and Paper Pattern by Rashtriya Kamdhenu Commission)

When is the exam?

The cattle science examination will be conducted at the national level. The exam was announced on Tuesday (January 5). National Kamadhenu Commission Chairman Vallabhbhai Kathiria gave further details in this regard. He said this is the first time such an examination is being held in the country and it will be held every year.

What is the qualification for the exam?

The Kamadhenu Commission says primary and secondary school and college students can write the ‘Go Science’ exam. In addition, ordinary citizens are eligible for this test. No special fee is required for this exam. The name of this exam is ‘Camdenu Cattle Science Campaign Exam’.

How do you prepare for the exam?

Kamadhenu Cattle Science Campaign Exam will be multiple choices. The complete syllabus of the examination is given on the website of the Kamadhenu Commission. The Commission will also provide study materials to the examinees.

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What is the use of the exam?

Kathiria, chairman of the National Kamadhenu Commission, said the main objective of the exam was to create awareness among the youth and other citizens about cows. Atheria also claimed that the test would make people curious about the cows. “The cow is a very useful animal even if the cow stops milking,” he said.

At the same time, appropriate prizes and certificates will be given to the students who pass this national level examination. Therefore, the National Kamadhenu Commission urges as many students and citizens as possible to write this exam.

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(National Cattle Examination Registration and Paper Pattern by Rashtriya Kamdhenu Commission)

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