What exactly is Halloween

What exactly is Halloween

Halloween in European France is a traditional folk, pagan festival originating from the Anglo-Celtic islands, celebrated on the evening of October 31st, the eve of All Saints’ Catholic holiday. It is the abbreviation for All Hallows ‘Eve’ in English, which means All Holidays Day in Contemporary English, and can be translated as “Night of All Saints” or “Vigil of All Saints”.

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Despite being of Christian and English descent, multiple sources present Halloween as a tradition of the religious holiday of Samin, which was celebrated by the Celts in early autumn and was a kind of New Year’s holiday for them. Oishe Shamna’s name in the Gaelic language. It is a very popular festival in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where there is ample historical evidence of its existence. Jack-o-Lanton is the iconic Halloween lantern from Irish legend.

Halloween is very popular in Ireland, Scotland and Wales

From the seventh century, under Pope Gregory III (731-741), and in the next century, under Pope Gregory IV (827-844), the Catholic Church changed the Feast of All Saints until then. Then on November 1 after Easter or after Pentecost. He argued that the church had tried to cover up Sameen’s feast. This should be considered because the church celebrated the Feast of the Martyrs after Easter and the Feast of Zamin was useless when the Feast of All Saints was instituted. The Celts with a lunar calendar could not fall regularly on the festival of Zamin on November 1st. Since the nature of these two festivals is quite different, we do not see what can bring together the Feast of the Catholic Saints, the Celtic Feast of Sameen, and its depiction with Siddi.

After the massive influx of Irish and Scottish immigrants, especially after the Great Famine in Ireland (1845-1851), the Halloween party was introduced in the United States and Canada. It has been popular there since the 1920s, when jack-o-lanterns made from native pumpkins appeared on the new continent, replacing the tannins used in Europe.

Halloween, Children’s Day

Halloween is a popular celebration
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Halloween is celebrated today mainly in Ireland, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to some extent in many other countries. The most well-known modern tradition is to ask children for treats using horrible costumes such as ghosts, witches, monsters or vampires using a doorbell-beating formula: Trick or Treat! It means “candy or a spell!” “The evening can be marked by fireworks, fireworks, children’s games, reading horror stories or Halloween poems, screenings of horror movies, and the masses expecting All Saints’ Day in its strictest religious element (with Wikipedia).

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