What exactly happens when the moon disappears?

What exactly happens when the moon disappears?

Everything related to astronomy is very intriguing. From What a shape the universe is For endless questions like If there is life on Mars. But in the midst of all these questions, there is one thing you have definitely thought about more than once, that is What happens if our moon suddenly disappears?.

Many movies and series have mimicked a planet where the big moon disappears from nowhere, as part of an entertainment of what will happen. However, it would be far more destructive than represented in them. The moon, as we know it, It affects a lot more than you think In our lives, it can be very difficult to know what will happen if he is not there anymore.

The last film on this theme was released this year (especially on February 4th). Moon Fall. Roland Emericch’s film stars Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley, a mysterious force pushing the moon out of its orbit and sending it back to Earth at full speed. But what will actually happen?

The lunar tides will disappear

Of course, the nights can be completely dark. But this is not the only thing that happens.

Tides are changes that occur from time to time at sea level. They are produced by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon, which cause solar and lunar tides. This is because 70% of the Earth’s surface is liquid water in the form of oceans and seas. In the event that the moon disappears, so be it Lunar tidesThis satellite exerts a gravitational pull that generates cyclical oscillations related to the rotation of our planet, at a frequency of about half a day.

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Therefore, it can cause tides Very weak. As a result, the water may become stagnant, causing the shores to disappear and their sanitation system to fail. This will lead to AI Shocking change in climateOcean water will be directed to the poles and sea levels will rise along the coasts.

The axis of rotation of the earth will disappear

The moon stabilizes the axis of rotation of our planet, thanks to its motion around it It maintains its inclination of about 23 degrees About the level of its orbit. Thanks for that, Seasons exist.

But When the moon disappears, The stability of the earth is not the same, its slope can be from 0 to 90 degrees. This means that in summer seasons it can be as high as 100 degrees and in winter as above 80 degrees above zero. Temperatures impossible for human life.

The earth can be aligned with the sun

If the satellite loses its stability on the axis of rotation relative to the previous point, the Earth Can be fully aligned with the sun, This means that some areas were in a Complete darkness and others always shine. The Temperature differences This condition can cause severe weather events such as winds of up to 300 km / h.

Indeed, this situation will lead to the inability of many animals and plants to adapt to this change in darkness and temperature, as a result of which life is impossible in most parts of the planet.

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