What does the coup in Cyprus have to do with Turkish influence in Afghanistan and Libya?

What does the coup in Cyprus have to do with Turkish influence in Afghanistan and Libya?

Secretary of State Blinken called the statement about the occupation of the disputed area of ​​Varosha “provocative” and “unacceptable.” Senator Bob Menendez: “Turkey has played a vital role in various aspects of the region, and if it does not play a decisive role, we will face a major challenge.”

Case Cipro: The USA leader of the international uprising against Ankara (not today) for the unilateral decision to open the besieged city of Varosha for both states. The United States has demanded a strong response from the United Nations, but talks are underway as to why the Turkish move. Erdogan bows to Iso’s demands at NATO summit in EU a month ago Biden To find diplomatic and framework solutions in international law (in the general sense). Today, however, the Cypriot dossier is twofoldly associated with macro aspirations in Turkey Afghanistan and Libya, But there are several risks involved.


Earlier this week, the Turkish faction announced that it would militarize 3.5% of Varosha’s fenced area, turning it into a commercially exploited habitat: for this reason refugees were invited to present their inquiries. Their assets through the Real Estate Commission. However, the refugees were not Turkish Cypriots, but Greek Cypriots had been deported from their territory since 1974.

In connection with the principles of international law that do not allow this option, a plane is the result of a dispute and attack, the 47th anniversary of which was commemorated a few days ago in the presence of a large American delegation. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Erdogan During a visit to occupied Cyprus on Tuesday, the UN said attempts to find a solution and end the island’s partition had failed, “there must be a solution” (excluding past events).

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World Health Organization

General SecretaryHe-she-it Antonio Guterres and all members of the UN Security Council expressed strong concern about the developments in Varosha after Elizabeth. Spear, The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of Cyprus, explained to the Council members the motives behind Turkey (known for some time).

Protests by American, Irish, Chinese and Indian delegates were particularly intense. Schഹpher’s words were clear: there does not seem to be a way out of the discussion. There was no shortage of British pressure to approve the draft agreement before the talks, but the move has yet to be approved by others. In between discussions Guterres hHe called on all parties to refrain from taking unilateral action, which could lead to tensions and weaken further efforts, as the UN position on Varosha remains unchanged, guided by relevant Security Council resolutions.

Here is Turkey

Why, after assuring US President Joe Biden at NATO meetings, will Erdogan resume normal provocations? Some analysts have speculated that Cyprus may contain only other games, in which Turkey wants to play a primary role, such as Afghanistan and Libya. In the eastern Mediterranean, as a result of the economic crisis in the Bosphorus, Erdogan does not want to withdraw from the exploitation of marine gas fields. In Kabul he aims to recite a script he sees as the hero of the reconstruction table. In Tripoli, he wants to be the shadow behind the new government, which is due out of next December’s elections. There is no shortage of variables such as Wasginton’s timeline on three themes, strategizing strategies to touch the Eastmead pipeline, US military predictions in Greece, control of Turkish operations, and intertwining with other super players. Such as Russia, China, and Iran.

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Here is the USA

The US Secretary of State also condemned the Turkish move: “The announcement of Varosha is” provocative “and” unacceptable “. Flash He said the United States was working with like-minded partners to report this alarming situation to the UN Security Council and would urge a stronger response.

Talks with a number of international officials at the 36th Annual Conference on Cyprus (Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Cristodolides, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Democratic member Gregory Meeks, Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis, David, CEO of the American Jewish Committee Harris Archdiocese of America Elpidophorus), U.S. Senator Bob Menendez Cypriot President Nicos was publicly supported Anastasiades, It rejected a priori permanent partition and recognition of the occupied territory (a solution argued by Turkey unilaterally).

“In different regimes, I see that we are inactive on this commitment and in my opinion Erdogan continues to attack the special economic zone, not only in Cyprus but also in Greece,” Menendez said.


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