What does a real dragon look like? Animals that seem to come out of books

What does a real dragon look like?  Animals that seem to come out of books

Dragons are mythical characters found in many cultures around the world. However, it is true that the real dragon exists, but it is quite different from what you can imagine.

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Royal Dragon: Meet 6 attractive species

1 – Ruby Sea Dragon

The Ruby Sea Dragon is a species of fish belonging to the seahorse family. Although very small in size, it resembles the shape of a dragon. The males carry the young under their tails.

2 – Dragon centipede

Like other centipedes, dragon centipedes are venomous, producing substances that are toxic to other animals. Its red color gives a clear indication of danger to other organisms. That is its scientific name Desmoxytes purpurosea Its most recent discovery was made in 2007 in Thailand.

3 – Komodo Dragon

The famous Komodo dragon is certainly the most popular of them, the Royal Dragon. It is a lizard that weighs up to 135 kg. Their saliva is extremely toxic due to the large colony of bacteria that live in the mouth area. The bite of a Kmodo dragon can cause a deadly infection to any living thing. It is endangered.

4 – Black Dragon

This is the most terrifying royal dragon you can find. Had it not been for the small size, the black dragon would have frightened the sea. He is one of the deepest living creatures in the oceans, reaching a depth of 2,000 meters. His appearance is very reminiscent of Marvel’s Venom character.

5 – Flying Dragon

There are about 50 species of flying dragons in the world. These animals are winged Asian lizards. They help individuals to move between saplings.

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6 – Blue Dragon

Another sea creature that is also a real dragon is a sea slug. The blue dragon is about 5 cm long and floats upside down on the surface.

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