What do we hear on Mars? NASA Recording Playlist

Sur Mars, le rover Perseverance enregistre des sons qui sont précieux aux scientifiques. © Tryfonov, Adobe Stock

The picture is well done. But if there is no sound, there is no denying that something really is missing. Much thanks to Mars for the sounds that have been recorded on the surface of the Red Planet for more than a year.

A year ago, NASA shared The first sounds were recorded Its way Rover Perseverance as it moves through the surface of Mars. Mars brings exploration into a new era. This is because, beyond the fact that listening to a machine roll in another world is enough to make you tremble, the analysis of these sounds is of real interest to planetarium scientists. Especially for those who want to develop knowledgeAtmosphere The red planet and its interactions with the surface.

Perseverance, from the beginning of its mission, recorded sounds for hours. In it, researchers now offer a choice. Of a kind Playlist Mars condenses the sound atmosphere that exists on Mars. As it often turns out, the The planet Is silent. The sounds of nature are rare and very sensible. Except remarkable Ventilation. “It’s so quiet, at one point we thought the microphone was broken.”Ironically, when researchers present their first results in CongressAcoustic Society of America.

Valuable scientific information

More seriously, the sudden changes in Mars’ atmosphere surprised researchers. When the recordings feel calm, violent winds can quickly unleash.

Perseverance recordings also reveal that the soundtrack of the Red Planet is changing Seasons. A tugwhen Carbon dioxide (CO2) Freezes on the side of Polar hats, The density of the atmosphere changes. Noise intensity varies by about 20%. And CO2 Reduces high pitched noise along with distance.

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NASA was skeptical of the idea of ​​implementation Sound recordings On Mars, perseverance proves it is worth it. Although scientists believe that such recordings prove to be far more valuable than the teachings about the planets Monday To the dense atmosphere. Like Venus or Titan. There, the sound waves interact more strongly and propagate farther. An idea for future missions …

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